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How to increase the humidity in the apartment

How to increase the humidity in the apartment

The normal humidity in the apartment needed to maintain health.

When the water in the air disadvantages primarilysuffer respiratory system, breathing becomes difficult, dry mucous membranes of the nose and eyes, sometimes a cough. Also difficult to account for skin and hair, they become dry.

Typically, the problem of dry air in the roomIt appears in the winter when the heating season begins, and central heating radiators strongly dehydrate the air. How to moisten the air in the home?

Ways to quite a lot.



It is best to purchase an electric humidifierair, good choice of humidifiers in a wide stores. All modern moisturizers found in sales can be divided into 4 groups according to the principle of work:
1. humidifiers cold evaporation. The principle of operation - the room air is passed through the water tanks and with saturated vlagoy-
2. Steam humidifiers. Instruments, whose work is related to the formation of hot steam. They work on the principle of hot fumes. Water is heated in the appliance boils and leaves the room in the form of steam at a temperature of about 60 degrees.
3. humidifiers spray-type is sprayed with fine water droplets. They operate on a sprinkler, i.e. water occurs with compressed air and breaks up into droplets.
More suitable for premises with a large area.
4. Ultrasonic humidifiers - the most modern and efficient equipment with low noise. Carry out the formation of cold vapor.
The principle of operation - the water is supplied to the plate,which vibrates at high frequency and becomes a very small water droplets, water cloud. Through this water cloud passes air and saturated with moisture. Such devices are safe, they can be safely installed in a child, as the steam is obtained at room temperature.
In ultrasonic humidifiers there is a drawback. Unlike steam humidifiers, which give at the output a pure distilled water as vapor, ultrasonic humidifiers are sprayed with water and the impurities which it contains. It is recommended to use distilled water for the humidifier, or at least filtered. If you just use the water from the tap, on the furniture and the leaves of houseplants appears white limescale deposits. These impurities get into the lungs during breathing.


Alternatively can be used for moisturizingthe air in the apartment water tanks: an aquarium, indoor fountain. Beautifully decorated aquarium or fountain except humidification function and more adorn the room, making a cozy apartment.


Regular wet cleaning also plays a role in dampening the room. It should not be lazy and humidify the air more often like this naturally.


And finally, "granny" methods that have rarely used in modern home.
Put in the tank room, basins with water. Or, to put on the heating battery wet towels and wet them with water regularly.
Spritz spray on curtains, flowers and just in the air.
But these funds are now very few people use, so as buying a humidifier to the apartment is available any family, even with a small income.

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