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How to increase hair growth with an onion


How to increase hair growth with an onion</a>

Long hair at all times was an attribute of beauty and youth.

To keep the length of hair after monthly haircuts is difficult.

To do this, it is necessary that hair growth is carried out at a natural pace.

Unfortunately, it can be slowed by negative natural factors, cold weather, stresses and malnutrition.

Restore the natural growth of hair and even speed upIts pace will allow comprehensive care with the use of onion masks. Onion juice has the ability to accelerate the metabolic processes in the scalp, which leads to increased hair growth and the awakening of "sleeping" hair follicles. As a result, after a few months of complex care, the density and length of the hair increases.
It should be noted that before the start of the courseIt is necessary to determine the current state of the hair. If combing during the day on the comb and clothes there are more than 100 hairs, then onion therapy should be discarded. It should be remembered that onion juice is an aggressive remedy that can aggravate hair loss if hair follicles are weakened.
There are several formulations of masks thatDiffer in the intensity of exposure to hair follicles. For the preparation of the first of them, it is necessary to clean one medium bulb and grate it on a grater. In the resulting gruel add 4 tbsp. Spoon burdock or castor oil and a little heat in a water bath. To mask it was easier to wash off hair, you can squeeze onion gruel through gauze. In this case, the composition should be applied with a cotton swab and literally rubbed into the scalp. Before applying the mask, you need to moisten the hair along the entire length. In the end, the head must be wrapped in plastic wrap and a towel. The optimal duration of the procedure is half an hour, after which the composition should be thoroughly washed off with a large amount of water.
A more gentle formulation of the onion mask includesYourself mayonnaise. It is necessary to take 3 tbsp. Spoons of mayonnaise, add to it 2 tbsp. A spoonful of onion juice and 1 egg. Before applying the compound, it is necessary to warm it up a little to a comfortable temperature in the microwave oven. After rinsing in the scalp, the rest of the formulation should be spread over the entire length and left for 40 minutes. In addition to enhancing growth, this mask adds shine to the hair. Repeat it should not be more than once in 2 weeks. In between the procedures, the roots should be strengthened by the infusion of nettle.
To wash off the smell of onion from the hair, it is better to use a shampoo with an intense perfume and chamomile infusion with 3 drops of ammonia. Such a mask should be done no more often than once in 2 weeks.

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