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How to increase the ground clearance

How to increase the ground clearance

You drive up to the job and to park a familiar place for you, when suddenly - what is it? You feel how the car bumper proshkryabala on the curb.

That's bad luck, you think, looking at the lower part of the bumper, and after six months ago, and this could not happen, a new car with a margin parked at the curb.

A little more, and you can split the bumper.

The strongest spring suspension squander during the break-in, when driving with a full load and at the time of aging (in five years), but you have a new car? her six months old, what to do?

You will need

  • - A set of spacers (inserts) according to the stamp machine
  • - a set of keys
  • - Garage with pit
  • - jack
  • - One that will help not only in word but in deed



Having a high ground clearance - to pay morejeeps, SUVs and other elite engineering. Of course, when choosing a car, you take into account this figure, in fact live in Russia. Standard 15-16 cm is enough. But, as you can see, the laws of physics do not work around, suspension springs tend to sag as vehicle mileage, and the more mileage, the more it feels. The easiest way to increase ride height - is to set the wheels larger. If you put next to the wheel radius 15 and 16 inches, with the same height and width of the profile, they will be higher by as much as five centimeters, but the ground clearance is increased by only half? per inch. I must warn you though, this method seems so simple, it is perhaps the most expensive and unsafe. Since the suspension have subsided, and the wheel has gone into the interior of the wing, the larger tire will go there even more, and this will reduce the suspension travel and can damage the elements of the body when driving on rough roads. This option is clearly inappropriate, and you've probably already figured out that you need to refine the suspension.

Wheels with different radii


You can spend a lot of money to buy a new spring,paid professionals, so they have set them to you, and six months later all the new. What for? After all, there are more loyal method. Different firms have long mastered the production of all kinds of spacers and liners under suspension elements. They are usually sold separately, but if you're lucky, you can purchase a set of front and rear suspension together with fasteners (bolts, nuts, washers). Variants of execution set for each brand of car they differ in the arrangement of fixing holes and landing sizes.

Package inserts


The front suspension mounted insertsbetween bar and a cup of her attachment to the body. To do this, lift one side of the car jack and remove the wheel. Then unscrew the mounting rack from the cup on the back, insert the liner and install the rack in place. The same procedure should be followed with a rack on the other side.

Front liners


The rear suspension elements are used asinserts installed between the body and strut and spacer mounted between the shock absorber and suspension arm. If you have rear suspension semi-independent or dependent? rigid beam, on which are fixed both rear wheels - then jacking need to both sides, and at the same time to install spacers on both sides. What jacking the rear of the machine and remove both wheels, unscrew the top fastening of the shock absorber, if you ear, or lower? if the spacers. Upper Mount roughly similar to the A-pillar and the lower part of the shock absorber mounted with one bolt. Spacers lower position have several options for fixing the shock absorber, intermediate? average, and maximum? high. After installing the wheel spacers set back.

Rear spacers

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