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How to increase the font on the screen

How to increase the font on the screen

The size of a size on the screen, in other words, the font size can be increased if you have poor eyesight, and you have to sit in front of the monitor screen is too close to or look into the lettering.

To my eyes are not tired, you need to increase the font size.



Increase font size on the screen according to the methodpossible in versions of Windows, starting with releases after 2005: Microsoft Windows Vista, Windows Server 2008 and Windows 7. So, to increase the size of the system font, you need to configure its "interest" in Windows personalization. To do this, right-click on the desktop and then click the last item "Personalization." In the window that appears, click on "Display" in the left column. "Ease of reading from the screen" window opens. Set the "Average - 125%", and click "Apply" .Before you a warning window will appear. As it is reported that for the entry into force of the parameters necessary to get out of the system. To do this, click "Quit now" and reconnect to Windows under his account. System fonts will be increased by 1/4.


Left column, opposite the percentage sizefont, you can also see the link "Other font size (DPI)". Click this link to set any percentage of a size from 100% to 200% in 1% increments.


Applying the method of changing the size of interestfont size, you increase only the font, but Windows elements. To change the size of all the elements - fonts, labels, panels, etc., you need to change the screen resolution. To do this, there is, in the settings "Display", click on the link "Adjusting the Screen Settings" .You move the window "Screen Resolution." You will see a drop-down list with a slider, moving that you change the screen resolution. Resolution, marked by the word "recommended" - the maximum. With his choice of all the fonts and Windows elements will maximize small. The lowest resolution, typically 800 × 600, a virtual pixel size increases and, consequently, the font size on the screen.

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