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How to increase engine speed


How to increase engine speed</a>

The power of the car - one of the basic indicators, which pay attention to when buying.

And over time, some motorists just sleep and see how to increase the power of the car.

And you can do it by increasing your speed.



In order to increase the engine speedCar, find the adjusting screw, which should be located under the hood in a horizontal position. Increase the speed as follows: start the car, then, counting the number of revolutions available, tighten this screw until it stops. Then unscrew it back to its original level. Then turn on the stove at full power and all available lights and set the speed so that you do not feel the vibration. It adds about 800 rpm.


You can also increase the number of revolutions inEngine with a homemade device. To create it you will need a voltmeter, a tachometer and an ammeter. Connect the two wires to the power supply unit and one more - the signal cable - to the coil. In order not to get confused, check: in the complete set to devices there should be an instruction with the description how it is correct to connect these wires. With this device you can easily increase the speed of your car.


Try to increase engine speed byIncrease the force of the valve spring. It is this indicator that is responsible for the rate at which the valve returns to its initial position (that is, closed). Namely, this is an indicator of the maximum number of engine revolutions. If the spring is strong and quickly closes, the rpm will be as high as possible. However, do not overdo it with the increase of this indicator, because there is a limit to everything. And do not forget: by setting the springs to a certain height, level them all in height. Determine this value at the lowest. And it should be done with surgical precision - even tenths of a millimeter are important.


Do not forget to check before starting workengine. It must necessarily be in good condition, otherwise it just will not stand the load that you want to "hang" on it. Moreover, such a pre-repair inspection will help you save money. After all, if something goes wrong after the modification, the recovery will cost you much more. First, you need to determine the power and torque of your motor in its normal state. It is also important to know the maximum number of revolutions and what route of what values ​​your car reaches. This information will help you to properly adjust the number of revolutions.

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