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How to increase the engine power


How to increase the engine power</a>

A similar question arises in the mind of almost every car owner.

But more often, perhaps, after all, those whose car has already been overcome without repair is not one hundred thousand kilometers, and the engine of the car in order worn out.

You will need

  • - spare parts for MD-tuning



The simplest in performance and low-cost by means of technology, aimed at a tangible increase in engine power, according to most "kulibin", is MD tuning Engine.


The application of this technology has perfectly proved itself both on carburettor and on injector EngineX. Its essence lies in the fact that the device installed under the carburettor or throttle assembly (sometimes in its place), compacts the airflow of the fuel-air mixture entering the suction manifold.


Thanks to artificially created twistsAir mass, the fuel is intensely pulverized in the collector, creating a finely dispersed gasoline mixture. That in the end leads to its better ignition and more complete combustion in the working cylinder Engine.


To accelerate the engine in accordance with the technology of MD-tuning, it is enough to purchase and install a suitable device under the carburetor or throttle assembly.


Do not make changes in the operation of key systems Engine, Such as, for example, reprogramming the electronic control unit, you can increase the motor power to 30 percent.

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