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How to increase self-confidence in yourself


How to increase self-confidence in yourself</a>

Self-confidence is such a human property, on which such qualities as success, ability to perform actions, the prospect of career growth depend.

However, a healthy adequate self-esteem should not be confused with arrogance, suspiciousness and a desire to go head over heels.



Self-confidence is like goodPhysical form: you must always work on it. Only diligence and work will help you become a confident and successful person. There are several simple and effective ways to increase self-esteem.


Dress with taste. Taste is a controversial issue: here it is, or it is not, but glossy magazines and stylists' advice can always come to the rescue. If you look good, people will reach out to you, and the wider your circle of acquaintances, the more popular you are. And popularity, like nothing else, raises the rating.


Develop a firm gait and correctPosture. If you walk with your head down, wagging, shuffling your feet, no one will pay attention to you. Is that can be sorry. Walk calmly measured step, with straightened shoulders and raised head. This will give you importance and importance. You will feel a surge of confidence and make a positive impression on friends and colleagues at work.


Write affirmations and post them on the apartment. Their content can be different: "I can deal with everything", "I will have a high-paying job in the near future," "my relationship with a guy will go to a new level." The power of auto-suggestion works wonders. Try also to advertise yourself to yourself. Write a small speech that emphasizes your advantages and positives. Convincing yourself that you are an exceptional and interesting person, you will add confidence to yourself.


Do not forget to compliment others. If you are negative towards people, then, except for insults and discontent in your address, you will not hear anything. Praise other people and you will begin to like them, thereby strengthening self-confidence on a new level. Do it sincerely and with a smile on your face.


Always express your opinion. People, as a rule, in large companies or a collective are afraid to say their thoughts aloud. They think that their proposals are stupid and unreasonable. However, expressing your point of view, you will demonstrate its availability in principle, which is important for the development of leadership skills and oratory abilities.


Go in for sports. Physical form, like clothes, can add bonuses to you. Running or swimming will not only help you to always be in excellent physical shape, but also will have the right tonic effect and set a positive mood for the whole day. And a cheerful and happy person can not be insecure in any way.

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