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How to increase the computer's RAM

How to increase the computer's RAM

Memory is a very important indicator of the computer.

From its amount depends on the speed of operation without hang many applications and systems in general. To address the issue of increasing the amount of RAM you need to refer to RAM.

Random access memory - a device (module) for implementing functions of RAM.

That is, these are the straps, which are called at home? RAM ?.

You will need

  • - a computer
  • - RAM strips



To increase the computer's memory, weRAM will use the new strap. Indeed, this is the only way to increase memory. Using techniques? Overclock? It can lead to a system crash or a module ?, especially if? overclock? made amateur. Programs that increase memory actually produce its optimization by disabling certain functions and services. So first of all you need to determine which RAM strap suit you. They are there are several types: DIMM, DDR, DDR2, DDR3. Find out exactly what suits you, otherwise it may damage your computer when you install the wrong bar.


Once the desired strap that canincrease the memory required number of megabytes, bought, you can install. Open the computer cover. Pre disconnect all plugs. First, plug in charge of energy consumption from the mains. Inspect? Entrails? your computer. Now find the slot, which is responsible for memory. Typically, these slots are located to the right of the CPU.


Carefully insert (or replace) the bar in the slotRAM. Special holders, who are at the top and bottom, should publish a click. Then, close the computer cover and connect the plugs. Turn on the computer. You may need to reinstall the system. Right-click on the shortcut? My Computer ?, select "Properties". In the window that appears, make sure that the amount of RAM increased.

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