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How to increase the amount of insurance payment for CTP

Additional Features

Insurance payments for CTP strictly limited state. The maximum in 2014 is 120 thousand rubles.

In order to increase this amount, you must purchase insurance CTP expanded. It provides additional third party liability insurance.

Another name DSAGO policy.

Benefits DSAGO

Sometimes the perpetrators of road accidents have to paythe cost of repairing the vehicle on their own, due to the fact that the policy of compulsory third party liability insurance is not able to cover all the damage.

Making additional agreement impliesfranchise. Thus, if the amount of insurance was 50,000, after signing DSAGO in the amount of 100,000 insurance limit on increases to a hundred thousand, and not increased by this amount.

Advanced CTP - a solution to this problem. DSAGO - this is nothing, as a supplement to the standard insurance policy. In the case where the accident involved an expensive car, its repair can cost a huge amount, and the only addition to the standard insurance guarantees tranquility as the movement of the driver member. This policy allows you to increase the size of insurance payments to any desired amount.

task DSAGO

The main objective is to help DSAGOdamages after the accident in cases where conventional insurance does not cover losses. The contract may be prescribed costs not only on car repair, but also on the treatment of victims.

Insurance MTPL DSAGO and can be decorated with different insurance companies. Both policies Validity completed in one day, regardless of when they were issued.

Insurance companies offer different options for an additional car insurance. The cost of the policy depends on the amount of insurance payments. The maximum in this case is absent.

DSAGO cost of the policy depends on the amount of payments, life insurance and other terms of the contract. On average, it ranges from 500 to 3000 rubles. In some cases it may be higher.

Each additional contract with the insurance company acting in the framework of the main insurance and provides admission control vehicle to anyone who has a legitimate basis.

DSAGO and Hull

CASCO usually involves repairing your own car in case of accident.

Currently DSAGO share is not more than 14% of the total number of insured vehicles. This figure is increasing every year, but not too fast.

If the driver is found guilty, but not limit CTPcover the costs, the repair of the second victim of the car will have to pay their own expense. Additional CTP allows to solve this problem and get rid of unnecessary expenses.

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