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How to Increase Alimony


How to Increase Alimony</a>

About payment, the sum and a way of transfer of the alimony it is possible to conclude the voluntary notarial agreement or to collect them through court.

The amount of alimony depends on the defendant's income and the presence of other minor children or incompetent persons on his dependency.

The lack of income does not exempt from the maintenance of their minor children and the payment of alimony.

If voluntary consent to increase the amount of alimony is not received, then you should apply with the statement of claim to the court.

Only after the court has considered all the arguments and the decision is made, the amount of alimony can be increased.

You will need

  • A voluntary notarial agreement or
  • -The claim in court
  • -Dissues for increasing the amount of alimony, proof will be collected by the authorized bodies
  • -Copies of receipts for payment of alimony for 6 months
  • -document from a doctor if you need to increase maintenance due to health conditions and payment for treatment
  • - certificate of income of the plaintiff



Write in the statement of claim for an increase in the amount of alimony all reasons and arguments that can help increase cash payments.


You have to submit only arguments, the evidence base will be collected by the bodies authorized for these actions.


The arguments for increasing the amount of alimony may be additional income from the defendant, which he hides.


Insufficient payment of funds for the child, whichDo not allow it to contain normally, it is also a sufficient basis for increasing the amount of alimony. Respondent may be required to pay half the amount that is put on the minimum maintenance of a child of this age.


If the defendant ceases to pay alimony To one of the children when they reach the age of majority, this circumstance also makes it possible to distribute the released amount to all other minor children whom the defendant is obliged to maintain.


When a child is seriously ill and needs expensive treatment, a second parent may be required to pay half of the amount spent.


In some cases, if anyCircumstances, the amount of maintenance can not be increased even through a court. For example, if the defendant is disabled and needs care if the defendant has many underage children or if there are incapacitated dependents on the maintenance, if the defendant has a huge debt on other performance sheets, etc. Because more than 70% of income is prohibited by law.

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