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How to increase the alimony

How to increase the alimony

On payment, the amount of child support and the transmission method, we can conclude the voluntary agreement or notary to collect them through the courts.

The amount of maintenance depends on the defendant's income and the presence of his dependents other minors or incapacitated persons.

Lack of revenue does not release the content of their minor children and alimony.

If a voluntary agreement to increase the amount of alimony received, you should consult with a claim to court.

Only after consideration of all the arguments and the court judgment amount of maintenance may be increased.

You will need

  • -dobrovolnoe notarial agreement or
  • -iskovoe petition
  • -dovody to increase the amount of alimony, the competent authorities gather evidence
  • -Copies receipts for payment of maintenance for 6 months
  • -spravka a doctor if child support should be increased for health and paying for treatment
  • -spravka income of the plaintiff



Write a statement of claim to increase the size of the alimony is every reason and arguments that can help to increase the cash payments.


You should submit only arguments, the evidence base will be authorized to collect the bodies of the action data.


The arguments for increasing the amount of alimony may be additional revenues from the defendant, which he hides.


Lack of funds for the payment of the child, thatdo not allow it normally contain, as a sufficient reason to increase the size of the alimony. Respondent may be required to pay half of the amount that is put on the minimum content of the child's age.


If the defendant stopped paying alimony on one of the children to reach the age of majority, this fact also allows you to distribute the released amount for all other minor children, which the defendant is required to maintain.


When a child is seriously ill and needs expensive treatment, the other parent may be required to pay half of the costs.


In some cases, if there is anycircumstances of the child support amount can not be enlarged even through the courts. For example, if the defendant is disabled and needs care, if the defendant's many minor children or incapacitated content available on the dependents, if the defendant's huge debt on other writs of execution, and so on. D. Because more than 70% of the revenue to calculate prohibited by law.

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