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How to increase self-esteem

Know their own worth

Self-esteem always have a strong, successful man. Without self-esteem it is difficult to achieve in life just what you deserve.

Work on self-esteem and do not let others diminish your dignity.



Think about all of its major achievements. Get yourself to a special notebook in which record all facing things that you have done, and the victories you. Certainly, if you drop the excessive modesty, you will have an impressive list. So you have something to be proud of.


Use a psychological trick, when the character is corrected through behavior. Get rid of nervousness. Let your movements are unhurried and full of dignity.


Put your goals and achieve them. Any achievements help raise self-esteem.


Do not take yourself too critical andlet others speak negatively about you or your actions. Sometimes the cause of low self-esteem people is one of the closest people who criticize his every move.


Regain your dignity by meditating. Positive affirmations are practiced several times a day will help you feel confident and strong person.


Remember that you are unique. Even just the fact that on this earth there is no such person as yours deserves respect.


Find your place in life. Search like things may be difficult and time consuming. But it's worth it. The work, which causes you joy, make you not only happier, but also more confident.


Do not dwell on your mistakes. Take your lesson from misconduct and forget about the past. The value of setbacks just to give you an experience, give wisdom. Let the severity of past mistakes will not affect your relationship to itself in the present.


Dare to qualify for more at work. If you are content with little, no one will ask you to raise wages or improve working conditions. Evaluate your experience and ability on the merits, and your ability to become visible leadership.

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