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How to increase self-esteem


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Self-esteem always has a strong, successful person. Without self-esteem, it is difficult to achieve in life everything that you deserve.

Work on self-esteem and do not let others belittle your dignity.



Remember all your significant achievements. Get a special notebook for yourself, write down all the worthy deeds that you have done, and the victories you have won. Surely, if you discard excessive modesty, you will get an impressive list. So you have something to be proud of.


Use a psychological device when the character is corrected through behavior. Get rid of fussiness. Let your movements be unhurried and full of dignity.


Set goals and achieve them. Any achievements help raise self-esteem.


Do not take yourself too critical andAllow others to react negatively about you or your actions. It happens that the reason for low self-esteem is someone from close people who criticize each of his steps.


Recover self-esteem with the help of auto-training. Positive affirmations, practiced several times a day, will help you feel confident and strong person.


Remember that you are unique. Only the fact that there is no more person on earth than yours deserves all respect.


Find your place in life. Looking for a job for the soul can be difficult and long. But it's worth it. The work that makes you happy, will make you not just happier, but also more confident in yourself.


Do not focus on your mistakes. Take the lesson out of misconduct and forget about the past. The value of failures is only to give you experience, to give wisdom. Let the weight of past mistakes not affect your attitude towards yourself in the present.


Dare to claim more at work. If you are satisfied with the small, no one will offer you to raise wages or improve working conditions. Assess your experience and abilities according to merit, and your opportunities will become visible to management.

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