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How to increase the volume of sales


How to increase the volume of sales</a>

There are only 2 tasks that do not depend on the type of business and are common to a large plant and a small outlet on the market.

These tasks must be constantly addressed, but they often do not have a final solution. This, of course, is about reducing costs and increasing sales volumes.

And if the cost savings are more or less clear, then the issue of increasing sales is much more difficult.

And nevertheless, this problem can be solved at once in 4 ways.



The first way to increase the volume Implementation of - management of the sales price. In addition to the traditionally applied method of increasing the selling price, companies often use a different approach. For example, a temporary price reduction in order to strengthen positions in the new market segment. The same method can be used when the company has several activities. In this case, they can fully cover all costs of the enterprise, and selling part of the products at a reduced price to bring a net profit. In the future, prices rise to the average market.


Increase volume Implementation of It is also possible through the management of the distribution network through which the products reach the final customer. Network growth Implementation of Can be achieved through the displacement of competitors from occupied positions, as well as through the search for new opportunities for the sale of products (search for dealers, expansion of the distribution network).


Managing the supply of goods often leads to an increase Implementation of The company due to the increase in the number of goods sold. It can be achieved through 2 areas of work: improving product quality and expanding (changing) the range.


Management of promotion in the company, in essence,Is reduced to the use of marketing methods in the enterprise. Advertising campaigns, promotions and bonuses for dealers, lotteries for buyers are all ways to consolidate the desired brand in the mind of the consumer, the demand for which will remain at a stable level even after the end of these events.

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