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How to increase muscle mass

How to increase muscle mass

Beginners athletes started training withusing weights are often eager to give the maximum amount of muscle. Trying to achieve this goal, they increase the number of training sessions and their duration.

But soon the disappointment comes because the muscles do not grow.

What should be taken into account if you set a goal to increase muscle mass?

You will need

  • - gym-
  • - balanced diet.



Use the principle of load capacity. Muscles get used to a certain load, which does not change with time. For the growth of muscle fibers they need the stress. This can be achieved by increasing the operating projectile weight and total number of repeats. The best way to build muscle - training with a dynamically changing weight of the projectile.


Perform each exercise for 9-12 repsEach approach. Fewer will help develop strength, and more - the development of strength endurance and exploring the terrain. Pick an optimal weight at which you can not do more than 12 repetitions. For each of the major muscle groups do 6-8 approaches. This technique helps to maximize muscle growth.


Properly plan the weekly cycle of classes. The notion that muscle mass growth is determined by a lot of training, has long denied the practice of training athletes. 2-3 workouts per week is required to hold to ensure muscle growth. Between workouts should rest period of at least two days. It is at this time in the body are active processes leading to an increase in muscle fibers.


Properly build a power system. With intense training, spent a considerable amount of energy, which must be replenished in time. For muscle growth requires protein foods and protein. The optimal amount of protein is at least 2.5 g per kg lean body mass per day. Try to use more water, because it leads to the necessary balance of all body systems.


Devote sufficient time sleep, rest andrelax after exercise. Most of the hormones responsible for muscle growth, is produced during sleep. In deep sleep also slows metabolism, which contributes to the recovery and growth of muscle mass. One of the best ways to loosen up the muscles and relax after strength training is considered to be swimming.

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