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How to build muscle mass


How to build muscle mass</a>

For beginners who have started training withThe use of weights, is often impatient to give the muscles the maximum volume. Trying to achieve this goal, they increase the number of trainings and their duration.

But soon, disappointment comes, because muscles do not grow.

What should be considered if you set a goal to build muscle mass?

You will need

  • - gym-
  • - balanced diet.



Use the principle of increasing the load. Muscles get used to a certain load, which does not change with time. For the growth of muscle fibers, they need stress. This can be achieved by increasing the working weight of the projectile and the total number of repetitions. The best way to build muscle is to train with the dynamically changing weight of the projectile.


Perform for each exercise 9-12 repsIn every approach. A smaller number will contribute to the development of strength, and more - to the development of power endurance and elaboration of the relief. Choose the optimal weight for yourself, in which you will not be able to make more than 12 repetitions. For each major muscle group, do 6-8 sets. Such a technique promotes maximum muscle growth.


Competently plan a one-week training cycle. The view that the growth of muscle mass is determined by a large number of training sessions, has long been refuted by the practice of training athletes. To ensure muscle growth, 2-3 training sessions per week are required. Between the training should be a rest of at least two days. It is at this time in the body that the processes leading to the growth of muscle fibers are actively proceeding.


Properly build a power system. With intensive training, a lot of energy is expended, which must be replenished on time. To grow muscles, protein food and proteins are required. The optimal amount of protein is at least 2.5 g per kilogram of muscle mass per day. Try to consume more water, as it leads to the necessary balance of all body systems.


Give enough time to sleep, rest andRelaxation after a load. Most of the hormones responsible for muscle growth are produced during sleep. With deep sleep, metabolism also slows down, which contributes to the recovery and growth of muscle mass. One of the best ways to loosen up your muscles and relax after strength training is to swim.

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