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How to increase memory on a flash drive

Flash cards

Sometimes, you come to another rewrite a new movie or a game, but in the process it becomes clear that the? Is not enough space on the disk? - Simply flash drive is full.

And why is it not rubber? Unfortunately, the size of the memory card is set constructively, and it can only be changed to a smaller side.

But information from the USB drive is not removed? it's all you need not to go home because no film.

You will need

  • Computer (laptop) software.



Any information (file) can be compressed? reduce its toes-out from the original. Locate the folder on the memory card with text documents (.doc, .xls), to compress them invented many programs WinRAR, WinZIP they reduce the size of the document, almost ten packing them in a separate folder archive. But the problem is that the size of the text of the document was initially small, and if you have not stored on fleschke Lenin's writings, then make room for the movie will not be enough.

WinRAR archiver


What else can be stored on? Mobile? recording medium, of course pictures. The size of the image after the camera up to 10 MB, but you have seen perfectly good size photo quality of a few hundred kilobytes, the fact that the camera attaches a lot of garbage,? Clean? photo? reduce its size, you can also using special software, whose full on the Internet. The main criterion for reducing the size of the photo is the preservation of the quality of the picture.

Program to compress the photos


Yes, you are an avid music fan, so much music to wear. This is where you can really carve megabytes of free space. To compress music files also have their own programs to use them is simple and intuitive. The size of the music file is reduced by reducing the bit rate recording, but to reduce it to zero is not necessary, then this kind of music to listen to is just disgusting. Possible as an option, available to compress video files on a flash drive, or the movie that you want to copy, but this procedure is quite long and can take anywhere from 4 to 10 hours or more.

Program to compress the music

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