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How to Increase Laptop Memory


You have long dreamed of a mobile personal computer, and then came the hour when you become a full-fledged owner of this? Toys ?? Congratulations!

However, we want to warn you that not all your expectations justify themselves.

For example, the specifications stated in the passport may actually differ from the real, including the performance of the notebook, which undoubtedly affects the memory is.



Winchester Mobile PC is not as fast as 3.5? Inch hard drives of desktop computers. The determining factor here is the amount of RAM that allows to work with complex and demanding applications. If you decide to increase the RAM, it is recommended that you use the following instructions.


Before proceeding with the enlargement processLaptop memory, determine its type, using, for example, special diagnostic programs. After performing this action you have to remember the name of RAM and buy it


To install memory into a laptop, youit will be necessary, depending on the model remove the keyboard, or a part of the bottom panel. In some models of mobile memory computers are protected by a special cover, located at the bottom? This greatly simplifies the installation procedure.


When the module is detected, open the cover, replaceoperativku the old to the new, setting it in a special compartment with latches. After refit the cap and enjoy the increased speed of your laptop!

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