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How to increase the immunity of the baby



Young parents often buy a lot of expensive medicines for the baby.

Far from always talking about a very sick child. It happens that on a relatively healthy mother spends large sums in a pharmacy.

To avoid this, it is necessary to increase immunity.

In 1 year of the baby's life, all the powers of the parentsIt is necessary to send to the laying of a foundation of strong immunity. The majority of children are born with a large health reserve, which is quickly consumed due to improper treatment.

Any child sometimes gets sick. A cold with a cold and a cough is common among children. There are some recommendations in order to spend less money on children's medicines. This is about different colds. In case of serious pathologies, a list of all necessary drugs should be prescribed by a doctor.

To begin with, parents need to calm down. Panic at the slightest sneek at the kid always pushes on rash actions. And young mothers (especially first-borns) are very inclined to be reinsured. If a child begins to get sick a little, do not immediately run after expensive medicines. First, let the child's organism fight the infection himself.

The same concerns temperature. There is no need to knock down not very high. Up to 38.5 degrees - is quite acceptable for the baby. So the immunity of the child works, do not interfere with it. In addition, antipyretic drugs are not absolutely safe drugs, they should be used only if they are urgently needed.

To increase the immunity of the baby, it is necessaryRefrain from hiking with him in crowded places: shops, exhibitions, etc. Nothing useful from finding a large mass of people baby can not stand, but his health is very likely to undermine this. The first 6 months you should not take your child with you anywhere.

It will help the child to stay healthy -Hardening. Its forms can be completely different depending on the preferences of the parents themselves. Someone for these purposes visits the children's pool, someone pours cold water. Mandatory daily walks on the street in any season also help to raise the immunity of the child. The advantage of a modern range of clothing allows you to pick the right things for both frost and rain.

Another point to which parents areTo take very seriously - staging vaccinations. The decision whether to vaccinate your child should always be based on the opinion of the pediatrician whom parents trust and the condition of their baby. Only her mother can see if the child is unwell or is feeling well. While doctors often chase the indicators, not paying attention to the contraindications to vaccination in a particular child at the moment. Responsible attitude in this matter will help parents to minimize possible negative consequences, and accordingly - to strengthen the health of their child.

An important condition for health andImmunity of the baby - proper nutrition. For babies it is mother's milk, and for a grown up child - a balanced diet with lots of vegetables and fruits. Berry fruit drinks also help to saturate the baby's body with vitamins, which will help him in the fight against infection.

In matters of child health, parents alwaysMust be responsible and reasonable. Cold talk about what will be useful to their child - the best assistant in strengthening immunity. Keeping calm and consulting with a good pediatrician whom they trust, young mom and dad will be able to preserve the natural potential of the baby's immunity.

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