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How to improve the baby's immunity


Young parents often buy a lot of expensive drugs for the baby.

Not always it is a much sick child. It happens that at a relatively healthy mom spends large sums at the pharmacy.

To avoid this, it is necessary to improve the immune system.

In the 1st year of life the baby all the power of parentsshould be directed to lay the foundation of strong immunity. The majority of children are born with a large stock of health, which is rapidly consumed due to improper treatment.

Every child gets sick sometimes. The common cold with a runny nose and a cough - a common phenomenon among children. There are some recommendations in order to have less money to spend on children's medicines. It thus comes to various colds. In the case of serious pathologies a list of all the necessary preparations should be prescribed by a doctor.

To begin with, parents need to calm down. Panic at the slightest chihe the baby always pushes for rash actions. A young mothers (especially the first-born) is very apt to be reinsured. If the child begins to get sick a little, do not immediately run for expensive medications. First, you need to let children's body to overcome the infection itself.

The same applies to the temperature. No need to knock down is not very high. Up to 38.5 degrees - it is quite possible for the kid. So child's immune system is working, do not disturb him. Besides fever are not absolutely safe medication, they should be used only when absolutely necessary.

To improve the immunity of the baby, you mustrefrain from going with him on the crowded places: shops, exhibitions, etc. Nothing useful from finding in a large mass of people could not bear a child, but his health is undermining can greatly. The first 6 months should not take the baby with you anywhere.

Good help your child stay healthy -tempering. Its forms can be totally different depending on the preferences of the parents. Some data for the purposes of visiting a children's pool, someone pours cold water. Mandatory daily walks on the street in any season is also well help to raise the baby immunity. Fortunately modern range of clothing allows you to find the right things, and frost, and rain.

Another point to which parents shouldtaken very seriously - setting privivok.Reshenie, set whether your child vaccinated, should always be based on the opinion of the pediatrician, who parents trust, and the state of her baby. Only the most mom seen whether the child got sick or well feels good. While doctors often chasing indicators, ignoring contraindications to vaccination in an individual child at the moment. Responsible attitude in this matter will help parents to minimize potential negative effects, and accordingly - to strengthen the health of their offspring.

The important condition is the health andbaby immunity - proper nutrition. For infants - it is the mother's milk, but for grown-up children - a balanced diet with plenty of fruits and vegetables. Berry fruit drinks as well help to saturate the body with vitamins for children that will help him in the fight against infection.

In matters of health of the child's parents alwaysThey should be responsible and reasonable. Cold reasoning that will be useful for their child - the best assistant in strengthening the immune system. Keeping calm and in consultation with a good pediatrician, who they trust, the young mom and dad will be able to preserve the natural potential of the baby's immune system.

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