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How to increase the biceps


How to increase the biceps</a>

Beginning bodybuilders try to focus on pumping the muscles of the hands.

Indeed, the large biceps give the whole figure an impressive look, especially in the summer when you can flaunt in a short sleeve t-shirt.

While working on increasing the biceps, one should not forget that the whole figure of the athlete must be harmoniously and proportionally balanced.

You will need

  • - the rod-
  • - dumbbells-
  • - gymnastic crossbeam-
  • - simulators for the development of the muscles of the hands.



Use to increase biceps complexPrograms consisting of exercises with weights. They include the lifting of the arms bent at the elbows with dumbbells and barbells, pulling from the position of the vis on the crossbar, the lower rod using the block. The main condition for working out the biceps is not to increase the weight of the shells, but the correct technique for completing the tasks.


Performing exercises for the development of biceps, it should beMake sure that the movements are not sharp, but smooth. To avoid the inclusion of other muscle groups, use so-called isolated exercises. To do this, when lifting the bar due to the forearm, you can lean your back against the wall, and when lifting dumbbells, use an inclined stand that allows you to fix the shoulder.


Combine exercises to increase biceps withExercises on the development of the upper back, which actively involve the muscles of the hands. Remember that hands should be developed proportionally. Training should also include exercises on the triceps and the development of forearms, considered "stubborn" muscles.


Working with dumbbells, watch for the rightThe position of the elbows. They should not be put forward or sideways. With fixed elbows, the lifting of dumbbells will be the most conducive to the buildup of the biceps mass.


Pay special attention to pulling onCrossbar. This is the easiest and most affordable way to increase biceps even at home. Do pull-up, changing the width of the grip from narrow to wide. This will involve all the muscle bundles. To work out the top of the bicep, use a pull-up with a back grip. As you train, increase the load by attaching weight to your belt.


Correctly select the load. For the growth of the biceps, the weight of the projectile must be such that it allows you to make at least 8 and not more than 12 repetitions. A small number of repetitions will work on the strength of the hands, and a large number of them contribute to the development of general and strength endurance. In each exercise, do 5-7 approaches to the projectile (sets).

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