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In which spheres of the economy is Russia


Russia is a recognized world leader in the space industry</a>

Possessing high opportunities for economic development, Russia still can not boast the first places in the most significant spheres of activity.

Experts identify only a few sectors of the economy, where the country has achieved a leading position.

We are talking about oil production, nuclear energy and the space industry.

Oil production in Russia

Oil production and production of petroleum products alwaysWas a priority in the domestic economy. By the beginning of this decade, Russian oil companies have reached high rates of oil production - more than 10 million barrels per day. In the field of oil production, thus, the Russian Federation secured the title of the largest producer, having taken the first place in the world by 2013.
Estimates of Western experts indicate thatThe oil industry of Russia is quite capable of sustaining these rates of production within one or two decades to come. Experts also tried to calculate the timeframe during which oil reserves in the country will be exhausted while maintaining the current rate of production. The calculations of scientists suggest that only with the explored reserves Russia can produce oil for another four decades, or even more.

Nuclear industry

The nuclear power industry is actively and systematically developing in Russia.Power engineering. A special place in this branch of the economy is paid not only to increasing the capacity of stations, but also to strengthening their security. Russia produces installations for nuclear power plants not only for domestic use, but also for other countries, including the states of Africa, Asia and South America.

High demand in the world market is enjoyed by Russian projects of fast neutron reactors operating in a closed loop.

In the nuclear industry, Russia is considered a worldLeader in the level of scientific and technical developments related to the design of reactors, as well as the development of nuclear fuel. Nuclear power plants of domestic production are considered in the world as one of the most reliable and safe. The demand for nuclear products is steadily growing, which makes this industry one of the most promising in the country.

Space Industry

Very strong position Russian FederationOccupies today in the field of space exploration. While the world space industry, in the person of the United States and the European Union, is reviewing its strategic goals and objectives, Russia continues to systematically master all new areas of space technology.

Other countries claiming primacy in this sphere of the economy - China, Japan, India and Brazil - can not yet make far progress in improving space technologies.

The most confident Russian specialists inThe cosmonautics fields feel themselves in the market of rocket launching and in the development of satellite systems. Orbital constellations of Russian satellites can meet the needs of most sectors of the country's economy. Russia has a concept for the development of the space industry, designed for several decades ahead.

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