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In what areas of Russian economy

Russia - a recognized world leader in the space industry

With its high potential for economic development, Russia still can not boast of the first places in the most important spheres of activity.

Experts single out only a few economic sectors where the country has achieved a leading position.

We are talking about oil, nuclear energy and space industry.

Oil production in Russia

Oil and petroleum products are alwaysIt was a priority in the domestic economy. By the beginning of this decade, Russian oil reached the highest rates of oil production - more than 10 million barrels per day. In the field of oil, thus, the Russian Federation provided the title of the largest producer, finishing in 2013 first in the world.
Western experts suggest thatRussian oil industry is fully capable to sustain these production rates within one or two decades. Experts also tried to calculate the time-frame during which the oil reserves will be depleted at the current pace of its production in the country. The calculations of scientists say that only on the basis of proven reserves, Russia can produce oil even four decades, or even longer.

Nuclear industry

Actively and steadily developing nuclear power in RussiaEnergy. A special place in this sector of the economy is given not only to increase the power stations, but also enhance their security. Russia produces equipment for nuclear power plants not only for internal use, but also for other countries, including countries in Africa, Asia and South America.

High demand in the world market are Russian projects fast reactors operating in a closed cycle.

In the nuclear industry Russia is considered a worldleader in terms of scientific and technological developments related to the design of reactors, as well as on the development of nuclear fuel. Nuclear power plants are considered domestic production in the world one of the most reliable and secure. Demand for the products of the nuclear industry has been growing steadily, making the industry one of the most promising in the country.

Space industry

Very strong position Russian FederationIt occupies today in the field of space exploration. While the global space industry in the United States and the European Union is reviewing its strategic goals and objectives, Russia continues to systematically explore new space technologies.

Other countries, claiming to be leading in this area of ​​the economy - China, Japan, Brazil and India - can not yet go far in improving space technology.

Most Russian experts confident inthe field of astronautics feel the market launches of carrier rockets and the development of satellite systems. Russian orbital group of satellites capable of providing the needs of most sectors of the economy. Russia has a concept of development of the space industry, designed for decades to come.

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