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In which school to send their children better in Moscow

In which school to send their children better in Moscow

Parents are usually determined in advance withschool, which want to send their children. However, because it works great number of schools to choose ideally suited institution it is difficult in Moscow.

What Moscow schools are the most popular and giving high quality, detailed education?

The best schools of Moscow

The best schools of Moscow repeatedlyrecognized by such institutions as the Lyceum №1535, SESC Moscow State University, School №179 MIOO, "Fifty-seventh school" lyceum "Second school" Gymnasium and 1543. yourself also well established Lyceum №1580 at MSTU. Bauman, Lyceum №1502 at MEI, gymnasium and gymnasium №1518 №1514.

The most popular today are the specialized secondary school, combining the teaching of general and special items.

Grammar schools and lycées Moscow differ from the standardschool education programs, advanced multi-additional training, PhD teachers and learning a second foreign language. In addition, the data schools have a strict discipline, its own symbolism, with modern equipment and teaching staff reserve. High school students in Moscow lyceums and gymnasiums becomes approximately 75% of the standouts.

How to choose a good school in Moscow

When choosing a school in the first place should befind out all about the pedagogical composition and the curriculum - the volume of homework, the maximum number of extracurricular activities, a rich program. You also need to focus on the child's abilities and depending on them to choose a school with a linguistic, mathematical, sporting or other related bias. In addition, when choosing a school for your child should visit the chosen institution to become familiar with its atmosphere and discipline.

Today, for gifted children, there are many specialized schools where their abilities will be developed to the full.

Do not be amiss to communicate with teachers andDirector, as well as obtaining data about the school's participation in the Olympic Games and competitions, her awards and achievements. A very important factor is the location of the school - the child should easily get to it, and parents should be easy to pick up and take back the student in case of need. Choosing between private and public schools, it should be remembered that in each of them there is a difference between the volumes of financial investments and payment methods. On admission to a private school need to find out in advance the amount of the monthly payment with additional payments, inclusive. Public School is usually much cheaper, but to clarify the approximate cost is still desirable.

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