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In which film stars Eminem

In which film stars Eminem

Eminem (real name - Marshall Bruce Mathers III) known to the public as a rapper, winner of 13 awards "Grammy", composer and music producer.

However, in addition to its variety of activities, Eminem starred in several films, and continues a career actor today.

In 2000, Eminem played himself in the film DaHip Hop Witch. The film is a parody of the horror film "The Blair Witch Project." While everyone is afraid of the terrible witch from Blair, there is a new threat - Da Hip Hop Witch. The heroine of the film - a journalist, decided to help their friends find out the truth about the witch.
In 2001, Eminem starred in a cameo in the hip-hop comedy "Car Wash", but it is considered an official acting debut film by Curtis Hanson's "8 Mile" (2002).

"8 Mile"

"8 Mile" tells the story of a young mannamed Jimmy "Rabbit" Smith Jr. He works in a factory in Detroit, and dreams of becoming a rapper. But rap music is traditionally considered to be African-American, and white is very difficult to achieve success in it. Highway "8 Mile" is a kind of divider between the world of black and white. The film is considered to be autobiographical, especially since his childhood and youth of Eminem also took place in Detroit. However, it shows a rather generalized image of any budding white rapper. "8 Mile," Eminem has brought both commercial and professional success. In 2003 he was awarded the "Oscar" for best song from a movie - Lose Yourself, which, along with the title track of the film is still considered the standard rap culture. However, the song is not sounded at the ceremony because of the lack of the author. In the same year he received the award MTV Movie Awards in the category "Best Actor" and "Best Male Breakthrough of the Year".
As a guest star along with EminemChristina Aguilera has participated in the final of the seventh season of "Entourage" series. In 2009, Eminem appeared as himself in the film "Funny People." In 2013, he starred in the role of an assassin Paladin in the crime drama "Find adventure on his gun," and created the soundtrack for this film. Unfortunately, to repeat the success of "The 8th Mile" Eminem has not yet succeeded.

unplayed role

Eminem claimed the lead role in the film"Teleport", but director Doug Liman Hayden Christensen chose him. In 2013, Neil Blomkamp suggested Eminem major role in the blockbuster "Elysium: Heaven on Earth." But the actor refused and the role went to Matt Damon.
From time to time the information appears in the media aboutHollywood preparing new projects with Eminem, so, apparently, his acting career will be successfully continued, and he may even play a better role.

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