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In which film stars Cam Gigandet

In which film stars Cam Gigandet

Cam Gigandet - a popular American actor, best known for her roles "bad guys" in many films in recent years.

His range is very wide - he starred in youth comedies, thrillers, science fiction movies, and even the famous "Twilight Saga."

First steps

Cam Way to the big movie was enoughtraditional. At first, he played in an episode of «C.S.I .: Crime Scene Investigation," then hit the youth cult TV series "The OC," "Young and the Restless" and "Jack and Bobby". Expressing yourself in this way, he played in the short film Mistaken and disappeared from the movie for a few years.

Career actor is developing quite successfully, in 2014 he published a few movies and TV shows with him in the lead roles.

Gigandet is back in a great movie, thanks to the rolebullies and bully in the sports drama "Never give up." In this movie he played the role of antagonist protagonist. It is this work has given him the chance to try on the role of aggressive vampire James in the mystical film "Twilight", which immediately after its release has gained wide popularity. Critics praised Cam kept his convincing game and predatory plastic. While the "Twilight Saga" Cam was filmed only in the first film, he was able to leave a strong impression on the audience.

Another notable painting in the filmographyGigandet was the fantastic trailer for "Pandorum". This grim "hermetic" picture although failed at the box office opened an unusual facets of the talent Gigandet. Having played a half-crazy Corporal Gellou Cam brought in the most memorable scenes of the film a real touch of madness.

The variety of roles

The film "The Experiment," based on realsevere events "Stanford Prison Experiment", showed once again that the role of "bad guy" Gigandet feels naturally and convincingly plays. This psychological film in which innocent people are playing the role of prisoners and jailers, caused a public outcry, despite the fact that, in fact, is a remake of the German film on the same subject. Watch it difficult and unpleasant, acting is highly convincing.

Cam Gigandet have a brown belt in karate.

The film "Burlesque" Cam Gigandet presented opportunityto express themselves on an unfamiliar field. In this musical, the actor played a charismatic and talented musician, came out therefore, beyond the usual role.

Fantastic film "Shepherd" in whichtells about the struggle of specially trained priests against the terrible vampire has become a landmark in the following Gigandet career. In this movie he played the sheriff of a small town, amazing arrow that is attached to the main character in an attempt to find a kidnapped girl vampire.

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