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In which country is Mount Athos

In which country is Mount Athos

It is believed that religious places have a special power. For the Orthodox, such area in the world is Mount Athos.

It is home to the monks, who came from around the world and fully dedicated their lives to the service of God and religion.

Athos - independent society

Mount Athos is situated in the eastern part of Greece,Halkidiki peninsula. This place is unique, is a kind of independent monastic republic. Experts assure: Athos is a modern version of the Byzantine Empire, where carefully guarded Orthodox culture.

Who Athos not more than 20 activemonasteries. They live permanently around 2000 thousand Orthodox monks. However, earlier this number was much greater than the 40 monasteries, there were almost 40 000 people.

Yourself will have to get to Mount Athos onchaise. Most often the travelers 'start' of Thessaloniki, sitting down on the earliest bus heading in the direction of Ouranoupolis. Further the way lies just across the water. You can choose public transportation, the following schedule (the boat / ferry) or to reserve a place on the sea taxi. The difference in price will be only a few euros, but in a destination you arrive in just 20 minutes instead of 2:00.
If Athos is the main purpose of your trip,be sure to consider a few points. First, go on a journey only after obtaining special permission - diamonitiriona (50 euros). This pass allows you to visit the mountain monasteries and only 110 travelers a day. If the trip is planned for the summer, to petition for at least six months. For other seasons, this period narrowed to 1-2 months.
Secondly, after the authorization iscarry the date of travel. If you do not show up on the appointed day, the whole procedure will be held anew. Third, select the correct time of the visit. The best period is September-October. In April and May, the weather is also favorable, but mountain climbing is not possible because of the snow. In the summer months on Mount Athos is very hot, and in winter you can be "hostages" of the holy place because of the strong storm.

Important nuances of the visit to the Holy Mountain

Permission to visit Mount Athos is only grantedmale: female monks entry is prohibited. Lovely ladies can enjoy the beauty of the sacred place only from the sea. Thus, the inhabitants of the mountain there is nothing stopping to go about their humdrum affairs.

Today periodically raised the issue of withdrawalAthos ban visits by women. However, the leaders of the monastic republic believe that this resolution will bring a lot of inconvenience to local people and their way of life.

By sending a request for a permit, specifyAll information in English or Greek. Necessarily, store the cell phone number and the desired date of visit (preferably several possible). If you are a baptized Orthodox, select it in the note: you will have priority over other religions by tourists.
During a visit to Mount Athos follow allprescribed rules. Avoid short, the service also wear long-sleeved shirt. Photo and video equipment, leave on the mainland. If they are found during the inspection - confiscated. On Mount Athos, forget about bathing: this pastime is not blessed here.

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