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In which countries are the largest geysers

In which countries are the largest geysers

Jets of hot water and hissing steam spurting out of the ground, the height of a high-rise building, the imagination of travelers and tourists.

A great, mysterious alien impression on the Geysers, which are in Russia and abroad.

For the first time gushes out of the ground water is describedIcelandic chronicles 1294. Iceland is considered the birthplace of geysers, because the concept of a geyser, too, was born here. Geysa translated from Icelandic meaning "rush." This country is famous for its many hot water springs.

Nature geysers

Geysers are located in areas of tectonicfaults. In these places suitable magma closer to the earth's surface, from her Groundwater heated to a temperature of 100C or more. The resulting vapors cause water to make its way up through the cracks and hole. Depending on the size and depth of the channel, and a mixture of water vapor forms a bubbling lake, stream or spray fountains of different heights and diameters. Water from the geyser goes relatively clean, slightly mineralized, rich in silica.

Water from the geyser is hazardous to health due to the presence of toxic elements - mercury, arsenic, antimony and others.

Geysers in its activity are sleeping andapplicable. The latter are divided into regular and irregular. Stage geysers rest can last from several minutes to several days. In the US and Japan, in geothermal areas have artificial geysers.
stone incrustations formed around geysers ofa special breed of silica - geyserite. Color geyserite determine thermophilic bacteria and algae living in the source. Geyser is a beautiful emerald green, delicate pink, pearl and other colors.

spouting giant

The largest geysers are in the nationalUSA Yellowstone Park. There just has about 200 hot springs. The highest geyser - Steamboat, with jets up to 90 meters. This geyser is unpredictable, and when it is activated difficult to predict. Old Faithful and the Giant - the most popular and greatest height of 42 and 40 meters, respectively. Old Faithful erupts tens of thousands of liters every 65 minutes. A giant poured every three days.

The most "running" the Fly Geyser is located in Nevada, USA. Since 1964, he is constantly growing and stops working for a moment.

In Kamchatka stretches known ValleyGeysers, where there are up to 40 large hot fountains. Largest - Giant, has a height of 40 meters jet and steam - hundreds of meters. The duration of the eruption reaches its four and a half hours.
The largest geyser in Iceland - Great Geysir. He is now considered to be asleep, but before he could reach the height of 60 meters. Artificially it run every year in the National Day of Iceland. The famous active geysers, located nearby, is called Strokkur. It erupts to a height of 30 m.
Medium and small geysers scattered allcontinents. They are located in Tanzania, Mexico, Chile, Peru, China, New Zealand and Japan. For example, on the border of Chile and Bolivia, on a plateau in the Andes stretches the valley of El Tatio, where you can see geysers 80, the height from a few centimeters to 30 meters.

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