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In which club moved Vagner Love

Vagner Love had time to fall in love with not only Russian, but also the Chinese fans

Russian football fans have not surprising transitions leading players of Russian clubs in the English or Italian teams.

And we are talking about the legionaries from other countries who have achieved European recognition of it in the Russian championship.

More surprising story the best football player of Russia 2008 Brazilian Wagner Love, who replaced five years later CSKA Moscow on a little-known Chinese club we have "Shandong Luneng."

In Moscow - with love

Former Brazilian striker "Vasco da Gama" and"Palmeiras" in Russia led not so much love to a leather ball, how much money. As well as a desire to "light up" and a little later, go to the example of many other Brazilians in the strong Western European club. That, however, was not reflected in sincere love striker Wagner, whose nickname is sometimes incorrectly declined as the lava to the capital team.
CSKA Wagner played (with interruptions) from 2004 to 2013year. And he managed to win three championship titles, six Russian Cups, excelling in the UEFA Cup and become a player in the Brazilian national team. In its South American assets can also bring the unofficial title of the strongest legionary ever speaking to the expanses of Russia, and the reciprocal love of the army of fans.

Play as Love

In winter 2013, Wagner reappeared in CSKAquickly confirmed that the short-term absences in his native Brazil go in his favor. And he had not forgotten how to score. In the form of the army club Love had again become a champion and Cup of the country. Then the president of CSKA Giner announced the transition of the main scorer (199 games and 94 goals) in the "Shandong Luneng." According to Chinese media - for 12 million euros. And to forward the Chinese, who know a lot of skilled players from Europe, put paid far greater than in Moscow - four million euros of the same year.

The most famous foreigners serving inChina, are the French Nicolas Anelka, Didier Drogba and Seydou Keita, Paraguayan Lucas Barrios, Englishman Paul Gascoigne, Italian Alessandro Diamanti and Russian Sergey Kiriakov.


football started validate their skills withfirst day in China. Already in the debut game for the club, four wins in the Chinese league, he scored twice, "Shanghai Shenhua." And helped the team, most of which was a star player before the ex-midfielder of the German "Schalke 04" Hao Junmin, win 3: 2. A total of ten games of the 2013 season round Wagner scored six times, winning the silver championship and a ticket to the Champions League of the Asian Football Confederation.

In addition to Wagner in "Shandong" play four moreLegionnaires. This defender Ryan McGowan (USA), midfielder Roda Antar (Lebanon) and Leonardo Piskulichi (Argentina), as well as other Brazilian striker Gilberto Masena.

In the "Shandong" remember Nepomnyastchy

As experts believe, the appearance in the ranks of oneof the strongest clubs in the Chinese striker from Russia, though not the Russians, can not be called accidental. After all, once the team Radomir Antic trained such well-known Russian experts as Boris Ignatiev and Valeriy Forgetful. And on the field shone ex-striker of the Moscow "Dynamo" Kiriakov and known for his performances again for the Russian clubs Belarusian defender Yahimovich, Serbian midfielder Petrovic and Ukrainian striker Nagornyak. However, some believe that the Chinese people appreciate the skill of Wagner failed shortly before the transfer - during the two-legged tour CSKA in their country.

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