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Ancient Olympia

The Olympic Movement originated in ancient Greece.

The ancient sport for many yearscompetitions were held on the territory of Olympia - the city, who gave his name sports festival, which still is one of the most important and interesting events for the people of the entire planet.

Organization and holding of the Olympic Games

The first Olympic Games were held in Olympia776 BC This date is preserved to this day thanks to the custom of the ancient Greeks to engrave the names of Olympic champions (they were called Olimpionik) on marble columns that were installed on the banks of the river Alpheus. Marble retained not only the date but also the first name of the winner. He was Koreb - a cook from Elis. The first 13 games have assumed only one kind of competitions - running on one stage. According to Greek myth, the distance measured out Hercules himself, and it was equal to 192.27 m. It has happened to all the well-known word "stadium". Initially, the game was attended by athletes from the two cities - Alice and Pisy. But they soon gained enormous popularity, has spread to all Greek states. At the same time there was another great tradition throughout the Olympic Games, the duration of which has steadily increased, there comes a "sacred truce" for all fighting armies.
Not every athlete can become a party game. The law forbade slaves to perform at the Olympic Games, and the Barbarians, ie foreigners. Athletes from among freeborn Greeks were to enroll judges a year before the opening of the competition. Just before the opening of the Olympic Games, they were required to submit proof that they are for at least ten months preparing for the competition, keeping in shape with daily exercise. Only the winners of the previous Olympic Games was made an exception. The announcement of the upcoming Olympic Games caused extraordinary excitement among the male population of the whole of Greece. People crowds heading to Olympia. However, women were forbidden to attend the games, under penalty of death.

The program of the ancient Olympics

Gradually, the game program adds newand new sports. In 724 BC to run on a single stage (stadiodromu) was added diaul - running at a distance of 384.54 meters, in 720 BC. - Dolihodrom or running on stage 24. In 708 BC in the Olympic Games has entered the pentathlon, consisting of running, long jump, wrestling, discus and javelin. At the same time were the first to combat the competition. In 688 BC in the Olympic Games program entered a fistfight, another two Olympics - racing chariots, and in 648 BC - The most severe form of competition - pankration, which combined methods of struggle and fisticuffs.
The winners of the Olympic Games revered as demigods. Throughout his life, he turned out to be all kinds of honors, and after the death of olimpionika numbered among the ranks of the "small gods".
After the adoption of Christianity, the Olympics began to be perceived as one of the manifestations of paganism, and in 394 BC Emperor Theodosius I banned them.
The Olympic movement revived only in the late nineteenth century, thanks to the Frenchman Pierre de Coubertin. And, of course, the first revival of the Olympic Games took place on Greek soil - in Athens in 1896.

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