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In what university teach the FSB

In what university teach the FSB

How to become a member of the FSB, where he specialized education, some universities FSB exist?

Future employees of the Federal Security Service is prepared as in educational institutions of the Federal Security Service and a number of other educational institutions, and the civil and military orientation.

Structure of the FSB

In order to become an employee of the Federalsecurity, of course, need to get a higher education, but to solve the problem "where to study?", you must first determine the choice of profession. The FSB organs, as well as in any other organization, a person must carry out certain work functions, ie work in a certain profession.
; FSB structure includes, in addition toCentral Office of the Federal Security Service of Russia and territorial bodies on the ground, and even bodies of border service, security agencies in the armed forces. The Federal Security Service has its own aviation units, special purpose units, departments, providing supportive care in implementing the tasks of the security organs. Under such "ancillary" refers to units research, expert and medical institutions subordinated to the FSB.
; Thus, the FSB authorities require employees of various professions: lawyers, experts, border guards and other military experts directions.

FSB Universities

; The main educational institutions, training staffcounterintelligence universities are included in the FSC system. Such universities are in different regions of Russia. This Russian Federal Security Service Institute in St. Petersburg, Nizhny Novgorod, Yekaterinburg, and the Academy of the FSB of Russia, located in Moscow. However, at the Academy of the FSB of Russia, basically, improve their skills current employees, while in the structure of the institutions are able to do everyone. Terms and pryadok reception FSB universities can be found on the official website of the chosen institution.
; In addition to these educational institutionsSystem FSB border troops there are universities. This Border Academy of the FSB of Russia in Moscow and Border Institute in Moscow, in the Moscow region (in Golitsyno Odintsovo district), as well as Kaliningrad, Kurgan and Khabarovsk border institutions. institutions have branches in other cities of the country. For example, in the Stavropol Territory is a branch Golitsynskgo Edge Institute.
And you can get in the educational institutions of the FSBhigher education in the field of "national security law", performance psychology "," border activity. " These areas of training filled the ranks of the personnel staff of external and internal intelligence department, highly qualified psychologists and lawyers of different directions, as well as officers of the border guards.
; But this is not all specialties necessary forof such a powerful structure. In the scouts are important technological means, and hence requires technicians for maintenance and even design and creation. Specialists in this category is prepared as in the structure of universities such as the Institute of New Information Technologies in Moscow, and in civil institutions. Graduates with a few technical specialties are often invited to work in the system.

Military Colleges

; FSB bodies are known to inhabitants, mainly bybrave fighters squads "Alpha", "Vympel", other units for special purposes. Contrary to popular belief, for service in these units also need to get a higher education. Become an elite special forces can be finished, for example RVVVDKU, received popularly known as "ryazanka" where experts teach saboteurs, military translators, officers amphibious units. You can also complete the Nakhimov Naval School in St. Petersburg, where are educated so-called Marines. Among the FSB special educational institutions can be called the Institute of the Coast Guard, which is located in the city of Anapa.
; Service in the FSB - is not only intelligence, the FSBexercise and anti-terrorist activities, is engaged in detection and investigation of crimes against state security. Future investigators and operational staff can get an education in higher education system of the Russian Interior Ministry on relevant areas of training.

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