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What are the causes of treason


Modern people are changing for different reasons,Usually each person has his own motive. But psychologists say that there are common reasons that encourage people to do such things. Among them: the monotony of family life, the lack of love, the search for the mastermind.



The most common reason for going to the left -boredom. After several years of family life, everything repeats itself, every day is similar to the previous one. There are no bright feelings, they are dulled, there are no surprises, because everything is familiar in the partner. And it causes a feeling of hopelessness. In such a family can change both a man and a woman. Often they do not seek to destroy the union, but just want to paint their life a little. Treason sometimes even helps to unite the family, because the partner after that feels guilty and shows more love for loved ones.


Lack of love is the second most popular reasonDivorce. It can manifest in different ways, for example, a companion of life is too fond of work or children, he does not have enough strength for a loved one, when he needs support, understanding. If there is no mutual pastime, and confessions of love replaced reproaches and demands, the probability of adultery is greatly increased. And often it's not casual accidents, but serious novels that can lead to unpredictable consequences.


Treason can be an accident. In such situations, more often the representatives of the stronger sex get to when alcohol and a pleasant atmosphere are simply placed for rest. And if at that moment a beautiful stranger appears, a married man can succumb to her charms. The next day, even her face will become a mystery to him, but the fact of treason will remain. This is called an accident under the influence of external circumstances. Usually no one is told about such things ..


Refusal of the proximity of one of the spouses can alsoTo push the other into treason. Some women try to manipulate the satellite, denying him intimate contacts. At first it can be very effective, but after a while the spouse will start to stare at other women. It turns out that his wife pushes him into the arms of his mistress. Of course, it happens the other way around, when a man refuses to fulfill his conjugal duties, and the companion seeks pleasures, but such variants happen much less often.


Treason from revenge is also a frequent phenomenon. If one spouse starts to change, the second one can also decide to try this method of rest. So they take revenge for insults, for impossibility to get desired or mutual reproaches. Every act on the side becomes the moment of revenge, which, maybe, no one will know, but the inner self-esteem will be satisfied.


And there are people who simply can not liveWith only one partner. They always need variety, experiments and unusual sensations. They never stop in search of something new, and the passion for love adventures in their blood. When getting acquainted with such a person it is already clear that one should not wait for fidelity, therefore in mutual relations with him one has to turn a blind eye to much.

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