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What is the cause of eructation after eating


Belching is understood as the return of air fromEsophagus or stomach, accompanied by a smell of eaten food and a sharp sound. It is not an autonomous disease, therefore it is not advisable to treat it separately. It is better to try to find and eliminate the causes of the appearance, after which the eructation will stop bothering.

What is the cause of eructation after eating
An eructation can be observed as in healthy peopleIn violation of the rules of nutrition, and with certain diseases. In the first case it is a question of a single physiological eructation, in the second - about multiple pathological.

Provoking the occurrence of heartburn cases

In healthy people, the appearance of a strong eructation mayBe associated with ingestion of air in the process of eating. This condition does not refer to pathological and is called aerophagia. It can be observed in the following cases:

Fast food intake or consumption on the go. In a hurry, the air is swallowed, which then comes out in the form of an eructation.

Overeating, especially with reduced activityEnzymatic function of the body. The ability to process any amount of food is observed up to 40 years. In a more mature age, it is not recommended to abuse this, because a large meal can be accompanied by a belch.

Conversation with food. When one has to talk a lot while taking food, a large amount of air is swallowed, which leads to belching.

Consumption of carbonated drinks. Water in such cases is absorbed, and the air comes out.

Physical stress immediately after eating. In this case, the natural peristalsis of the digestive tract (gastrointestinal tract) is disturbed and eructation arises. In order to successfully digest the digestion process, at least 2 hours after eating you need rest.

Abuse of chewing gums. Excessive chewing movements contribute to the knocking down of the normal rhythm of the stomach, leading to the eruption.

The second half of pregnancy. Growing and propping up the diaphragm of the uterus can cause belching.

Breast age of children, when sucking together with milk swallows air. If this eructation does not have an acidic smell, there is no reason to worry.

To avoid the eruption in infants, you need to properly feed them from a bottle or put them to your chest.

Eliminate the physiological eructation is not difficult. It is enough to change your way of life and start adhering to the rules of healthy eating, avoiding overeating and dry food.

It is more difficult to get rid of the burp associated withPresence of diseases of the digestive tract. In this case, it becomes constant. To get rid of it is not possible only after the reference to the doctor who will appoint or nominate corresponding or meeting treatment.

Causes of pathological belching

The causes of pathological eructations may beBecome anatomical defects in the structure of the esophagus or stomach. These include congenital defects such as narrowing of the gastric lumen, kink, hiatal hernia.

Violation of the normal functioning of the esophagus andThe stomach too can lead to occurrence of an eructation. It can be increased / decreased acidity of the stomach, inflammation of the mucous membrane, violation of peristalsis of the gastric walls.

Disturbance of the gallbladder and liver. If the process of isolating enzymes into the 12-colon is disturbed, especially when digesting fatty foods, a belch with a bitter taste occurs.

Also contribute to the eruption of a burp violationActivity of the duodenum, pancreas, small / large intestine, pathological gastroesophageal reflux, malignant tumors of the digestive tract.

Rare diseases of the heart, vessels, nervous system, psychosis, helminthic infestations can be quite rare causes of pathological eructations.

So, get rid of the unpleasantState is quite real. It is only necessary to establish a diet or undergo an appropriate examination to identify the causes of eructation. Fortunately, there is far from one method of examination of the intestine.

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