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In what month is better to marry in April or May?

In what month is better to marry in April or May?

Spring - a time when nature comes to life, a sense of play with new colors and butterflies in my stomach tickle.

The first green, the smell of blooming lilacs and tulips - beautiful scenery for a wedding.

Most people prefer to get married in the winter orin summer. Summer attracts bright sun, warm weather, an abundance of flowers, fruits and berries. In winter you can wrap yourself in a nice coat or boots to wear to a wedding photo shoot. Weddings spring are rare, and yet they have many advantages.

Wedding in April

According to national signs, wedding in Aprilpromises difficulties of the first years of marriage. As unstable weather this month, so the marriage will be unstable at the beginning of a family way. However, spouses who are able to overcome the difficulties in the award will receive a calm life in the future.

Astrologers, refuting the popular superstitions, claiming that the wedding in April - a good way to make a family unit strong and successful.

Plus wedding in April - the beginning of the weddingseason. This means that the queue to the registrar has not so long and the price of the wedding organization of the services are not as high as in the summer. You may want to get married in Europe in April in many countries is already quite warm and sunny.
For a wedding in the early months of suitable white-greencolors, symbolizing the green awakening from under the snow. At the end of the month will be a good choice bouquet of tulips or daffodils - the first spring flowers.

Wedding in May

Many newlyweds avoid this month. It is believed that, having played a wedding in May, the couple will suffer a lifetime. If you do not believe in omens, and want to assign a wedding in May, you have the option to save well. Many agencies offer discounts for the celebrations, organization, and restaurants and hotels please free dates and numbers.

Married in May is possible if you are not a superstitious person. Otherwise, it can work the principle of "thoughts are material."

Plus wedding in May - on the street is warm enough,but yet exhausting heat. It is possible to organize a wedding in nature, as a decor by blooming apple trees and lilacs. Magic flavor and the chirping of birds will set up on the wave of love and romance. The middle and the end of May - time of flowering peonies. They can choose as your wedding theme, using a bouquet and decor.
And has its advantages, the choice of the month in April and MayIt depends solely on the preferences of the newlyweds. A wedding in the spring, in addition to saving and beauty, is another big plus - many invited guests will attend the event, as the majority of the holiday is in the summer.

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