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What is the purpose of scientific knowledge


The purpose of scientific knowledge is to studyFrom the physical and social points of view. The physical world includes everything that is around people, as well as the person himself, and the social world is a complex relationship between people.

The physical world

The study of the material world is a prerogativeNatural and exact sciences. They are exploring existing natural phenomena and processes, regularities are revealed and scientific hypotheses are put forward. The goal of knowing the science of the world can be theoretical or practical. The theoretical goal is to search for comprehensive knowledge about the object under investigation, and practical - is to implement the knowledge received by science.

In this case, the very term "physical world" is presentedIs rather extensive and consists not only of objects surrounding people, living organisms and natural phenomena on the Earth, but also includes the whole immense Universe. In order to survive a person in this total contradiction of life, one must obtain as much information about it as possible, investigate its features, regularities, and reveal the very essence. As the development of scientific knowledge, life conditions improved, the attitude of people to nature, to animals and to each other changed.

However, if we talk about objectivity, scientificCognition is the perception of the surrounding world through the inner world of man, and this makes it somewhat subjective. Nevertheless, the use of various instruments makes it possible to bring knowledge closer to objectivity. It is the generalized truth about the object of study that is the ultimate goal. Objective truth, revealed by science, is used in practice.

Social world

The study of the social world is associated withSociety, all kinds of connections that arise within it. And the goal of scientific cognition in this case is the creation of various behavioral models that facilitate the solution of social problems that are inevitable in any society.

The study of this world is engaged in humanitarianScience, including psychology, sociology, linguistics, etc. They examine not objects and phenomena visible to the eye, but a complex inner world of a person that is simply impossible to measure, calculate, touch, smell. And not everyone can give in to logic here. However, it is the inner self that influences the creation of interpersonal relationships, their development and termination.

The created models of behavior are successfully applied in many sectors, including economics, politics, education, medicine, etc.

Science, which is in constant search of newKnowledge of already known things, contributes to the material development and spiritual growth of mankind. Many ancient civilizations have reached the peak of their development precisely through scientific knowledge.

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