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What is the difference between macaroni from hard wheat varieties


Many people subject macaroni to pastaOstracism, believing that eating mouth-watering spaghetti or noodles leads to a set of extra pounds. However, in fact, macaroni does not get fat, it is only necessary to choose the right product made from durum wheat.

What is the difference between macaroni from hard wheat varieties
Macaroni - one of the most common typesGarnish, which is loved not only in Italy, but also in Russia. It is Italian pasta that is considered to be the most delicious and quality, and yet the pasta allows you to maintain harmony. To do this, you need to eat it without gravy, choosing products from durum wheat. Such pasta is equated to a dietary product.

Characteristics of macaroni from solid varieties

Low-calorie macaroni from firm gradesWheat can be eaten even in large quantities. Of course, this food does not allow you to lose weight, but you will not be able to gain unnecessary kilograms from such dishes. Unlike macaroni from soft varieties, which in their caloric content are not inferior to buns and white bread.

Learn what pasta is made fromHard wheat varieties, will help the inscription "Made exclusively of durum wheat". Flour from such varieties can also be part of the product in a small amount.

The main difference between the two kinds of pastaIs in a state of starch. In solid varieties, it has a crystalline form, in soft varieties it is a viscous state. Macaroni, made from durum wheat, retains the maximum of useful substances. In addition to a small amount of calories, these foods are rich in fiber, vegetable proteins, vitamin F, group B.

How to choose pasta from durum wheat

Distinguish pasta made from solid varietiesWheat, can be visually. These products have a golden color, almost never powdery dust can be seen in the packaging. Macaroni from firm grades will please the buyer that at cooking they are not boiled.

Another sign of useful pasta is a smooth,Practically polished surface. Of course, you need to pay attention to the inscription on the package. But beware of fakes, pasta from durum wheat is not as common as soft-wares. All because hard grades have more sophisticated processing technology.

Macaroni from firm grades is more expensive, than usualpasta. As a rule, the lower the price of products, the less the use of flour from durum wheat for making spaghetti, noodles or horns.

It is worth giving preference to macaroniClass or class A, they use more than 70% of durum wheat flour. Do not forget that you can store pasta for no more than three years, and if it's egg noodles, it will be usable for about a year.

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