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What is the difference between the letter of gratitude letter


There are many forms with which the employer encourages the employee for the quality performance of his duties. They include a letter of thanks and a letter of commendation.

For academic success
Among all forms of encouragement,To meet with a letter of gratitude and a letter of thanks. In form, both types are a typographical blank with a design design. What privileges, changes in position or material provision provides each of the above-mentioned types of promotion - the question is not idle.

Certificates and letters of thanks can be encouraged and rewarded both individuals and organizations.

What is literacy?

A diploma is awarded for achievements in a certainKind of activity. The text of the charter, as a rule, is dry and compressed. The text indicates specific achievements in one form or another of activity, that is, the charter records the fact of achievements.

For the letter of credit, standard forms are usedA4 format printing. Forms sometimes have a cliché, it only remains to write down the name and surname of the recipient, as well as the name of the issuing authority. Sometimes a blank is used, and the main text is contributed in-house.

What is a thank you note?

The letter of gratitude has a widerSpectrum of use and can be issued not only for specific merits, but also simply for responsible attitude to this or that event. The most common sphere of using thank-you letters is gratitude to parents of schoolchildren.

The style of the text of the thank you letter is notIs limited to strict limits, and the authority that issues a thank you letter depends on how warm the words addressed to the person being encouraged are. For thank-you letters are also used ready-made A4 paper.

What is the fundamental difference

The fundamental difference between reading and writing a letter of gratitude lies in the semantic content - fixing the fact in one case, and expressing gratitude in the other.

As for material support, this issue is being solved at the local level, most often at the municipal or regional level.

Possibility of material supportIs prescribed in the Regulations and adopted in accordance with the law. At the same time, differentiation of reading and writing and letters of thanks is possible, since the diploma is often given for specific merits, often expressed in specific figures.

In any case, information about the letters and otherIncentives are entered in the relevant sections of the work book and give grounds for encouraging the owner on the basis of work results for a certain period.

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