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What is the difference between vinyl paint and acrylic


When you need to update the appearance of the facade walls of a privateAt home, it is necessary to make a choice between several facade paints, in particular, between vinyl and acrylic. What is the difference between these two types of paints?

What is the difference between vinyl paint and acrylic
In addition to the interior walls, the exteriorThe walls of a private house also need care and an aesthetic appearance. Painting the facade walls will provide them with adequate protection and an attractive view for a long time. Most paints for the facade are sold ready for use, the buyer will only have to choose the color and type: vinyl or acrylic.

Vinyl emulsion and its features

A few years ago, vinyl paint was moreIs popular. In its consistence, it resembles a water-based emulsion and refers to dispersive, that is, species dissolving in water. Such a paint is rather moisture-consuming and at the same time it perfectly resists water vapor.

The minus of vinyl means is not tooHigh resistance to chemicals that are contained in air and rainwater. That's why they are also not very resistant to fungus, mold or mechanical damage. A sufficiently large shrinkage of the vinyl emulsion does not allow using it to update the already applied layer, otherwise the wall surface can be peeled off.

Types and characteristics of acrylic emulsion

Today acrylic paint is very often usedInstead of vinyl, which allows us to conclude that this type completely replaced the previous one. The walls of the facades of buildings can be covered with any of the shades of a very diverse range of colors. Such an emulsion, as well as a vinyl emulsion, is a dispersion emulsion. It protects the walls from rapid contamination, as it has a low ability to moisture absorption. The vapor permeability of facade acrylic paint is also not too high.

The main component of such paints isAcrylic resin, they are suitable for application to organic and mineral substrates. There are also acrylic-silicone facade, latex acrylic products and substances based on organic solvent, which are used for painting old facades of buildings.

The main difference between vinyl paint and acrylicLies in the fact that the second has greater resistance to the external environment, is available in several forms and is suitable even for painting old facade walls that have already been painted. The first type is suitable in the event that you do cosmetic repairs and live in a fairly dry climate.

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