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What is the difference between the first and second births


The second and each subsequent delivery is easier,Than the first, provided that the woman does not have pathologies, and pregnancy developed normally. The second time women give birth faster, experience less discomfort. If after the first birth many women say that they will never give birth again, then after the second they do not want to give birth to a third child.

What is the difference between the first and second births



Each subsequent pregnancy is easier to bear. The body remembers how to behave during this period and how to give birth correctly. Uterus, internal organs are already ready for overload, they experience less stress. If every change is for the first time a novelty, then in the second pregnancy the woman already knows what, when and how will happen. Less often there is a tone of the uterus, the gestosis of the first half of pregnancy is easier. Some severe gestosis, such as eclampsia, also occur less frequently.


In primiparas, the time of opening the cervix around12-18 hours, the second time the neck will open in 4-8 hours. This means that the period of contractions will be much shorter. The uterus is already ready for fights, and therefore the labor activity will be coordinated, the fights are less painful and more productive. The contracting period is shortened, the second child of a woman gives birth for 2-3 attempts, without risking trauma to the cervix. In the first birth, the midwife often asks the woman to let go of the attempt, breathe deeper, so that the child does not hurt the cervix. The muscles of the vagina are also more elastic, which means that it will be easier for the second child to pass through the birth canal. The uterus decreases faster, it allows the woman to restore her strength and health more quickly.


The first birth often scares a woman. She listens poorly to the midwife, often panics, forgets everything she was taught at the school of motherhood. In the second time everything goes more calmly: the woman in labor breathes correctly, pushes, does not allow the poet to go up.


Preparing for the second time to become a mother, the woman is no longerForgets to take with him important little things. Snack, drinking water, hair bands, more comfortable slippers. Adds comfort and the fact that the woman knows the rules of the internal order of the maternity home. The ideal option if she chooses the same hospital in which the firstborn appeared.


Often, the second birth begins swiftly,The abdomen falls late or in the process of delivery, and therefore this precursor may be uninformative. In this case, you should focus on the PDR and your feelings. If the contractions begin, then you need to collect the maternity ward, the miscarriages are not in stock half a day. Many, bearing in mind that the bouts lasted more than 12 hours, eventually give birth directly to the waiting room.


If the second birth after the first passRelatively easy, then repeated childbirth exhausts the woman. If there is a break between births for more than 8 years, contractions can last more than 10 hours, and an excruciating period and a period of recovery after childbirth can be prolonged.

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