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In what color is best to paint the brown streaked hair

In what color is best to paint the brown streaked hair

Highlighting hair is very popular in recent times.

This type of staining allows to refresh the image with minimal negative impact on the locks.

If you have brown streaked hair, you openwide palette of colors and shades tinting balms. The owner of the hair color can easily be painted in the blonde without discoloration, and in black or copper color.

In what color to paint the brown streaked hair

Future hair color you have to chooseyourself, as it all depends on your preferences. A great advantage of blond hair, as mentioned above, is the ability to color in virtually any desired shade. You can paint the brown streaked hair red, blonde (if it is a tone or half a tone lighter than your natural hair color), blue-black, shades of chocolate, as well as to try extreme staining (use red, green, blue and other colors). Unlike owners of light brown or dark brown hair color, you do not need to pre-lighten the hair, thereby maintaining their status and without damaging the hair structure.

How to choose paint

When choosing colors pay attention to the. Usually after frequent coloring and highlighting hair becomes "tired" and dry. That is why is to look after hair dye based on natural ingredients and without ammonia. Thus, you save the state of your hair and you can change the appearance.

Tips for coloring hair blond melirovannyh

Before proceeding directly toHair coloring, you should take into account the most important rule of working with light Highlighted Hair - in the end, all locks should have a uniform color, no color differences melirovannyh strands. That is why the paint should be applied carefully, preferably with a brush. With it you will be able to accurately and completely stain all strands, even streaked. As a result, you get an even hair color, without producing hollow strands. Particular attention in the dyeing blond hair Streaked strands should be given, otherwise they will be visible on a new hair color.
After staining Streaked blond hairother color, use special shampoos, conditioners and balsams for colored hair. They are necessary in order to rid the hair from dryness and brittleness. In addition, you can use various natural masks and decoctions of medicinal herbs (eg chamomile).
It should be remembered that the use of naturaldyes (basma and henna) on Highlighted Hair can not be in any case. Interaction of chemical dyes with natural unpredictable, hair can take the purple or green hue.

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