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In what color is better to paint light brown hair


In what color is better to paint light brown hair</a>

Hair styling has been very popular lately.

This kind of staining allows you to refresh the image with minimal negative impact on curls.

If you have blond hair, you are openA wide palette of shades of colors and ottenochnyh balms. The owner of this color of hair can easily paint as a blonde, without resorting to discoloration, and in black or copper color.

In what color should I paint light brown hair?

The future hair color you will have to chooseYourself, because it all depends on your preferences. The big plus of light brown hair, as mentioned above, is the ability to paint almost any desired shade. You can paint blonde hair in red, blond (if it is a tone or a half light than your natural hair color), bluish-black, shades of chocolate, and try extreme coloration (use red, green, blue and other colors). Unlike owners of dark-brown or chestnut-colored hair, you do not have to pre-lighten the hair, thereby preserving their condition and not damaging the structure of the hair.

How to choose a paint

When choosing a paint, pay attention to the composition. Usually, after frequent staining and melioration, the hair becomes "tired" and dry. That's why you should look for hair colors based on natural ingredients and without ammonia. Thus, you save the condition of your hair and can change the appearance.

Tips for coloring light brown hair

Before you proceed to the immediateColoring of hair, you should take into account the main rule of working with light streaked hair - in the end, all the curls should have a uniform color, without the color differences of the streaked strands. That is why the paint should be applied carefully, preferably with a brush. With its help you can accurately and completely paint all the strands, even melted. As a result, you will get a smooth hair color, with no strands. Particular attention when coloring the blond hair needs to be given to the streaked strands, otherwise they will be noticeable on the new hair color.
After staining the stained blond hair inAnother color, use special shampoos, conditioners and balms for colored hair. They are necessary in order to rid the hair of dryness and fragility. In addition, you can use a variety of natural masks and decoctions of medicinal herbs (for example, from chamomile).
It should be remembered that using naturalDyes (basma and henna) on fine hair can not be in any case. The interaction of chemical paints with natural unpredictable, the hair can take a violet or green hue.

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