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What is the crisis of 30 years?


What is the crisis of 30 years?</a>

In the life of almost any person, crises happen.

They are not always connected with some kind of tragic events and personal dramas.

It's just time for a reassessment of values ​​and a possible change of landmarks.

One of such crises comes about 30 years.

The enemy needs to know in person

Most often in the thirtieth year of life (someoneA little earlier, some later) in the life of a person there is a change of priorities. For example, men often leave their old place of work or even change their field of activity.

Women who have already acquired a family andChildren, can decide on a divorce or bet on a career. And careerists, on the contrary, are beginning to pay more attention to the search for a permanent life partner, they are thinking about the continuation of the family.

In general, the majority at the age of 30Seeks to strengthen his status as a successful adult who is able to bear responsibility for his actions and actions. Of course, such a change of landmarks often leads to stress, since it is not so easy to try yourself in a new role, as it seems at first glance. But, on the other hand, I do not want to live the old way.

That's why psychologists called this period of life a crisis.

The acuity of experiencing the crisis for 30 years is itselfDifferent. Some even fall into depression, because they do not know what to do to reorganize their lives. Others are simply frightened by the unknown, hence - a constant sense of anxiety, insomnia and all the ensuing consequences. And someone, on the contrary, looks confidently into the future and, overcoming himself, moves on. How quickly a person out of the crisis depends on the effectiveness of his actions and decisions.

Why do women experience a crisis of 30 years sharper?

Representatives of the fair sex by natureHis creation is much more emotional than men, that's why most of life's troubles cause a storm of emotions in them. In addition, the problem lies in the reproductive function of the body.

According to gynecologists, a woman must give birth to the first child under 35. To become pregnant for the first time after 35 and to bear a healthy fetus will be much more difficult.

Although many now prefer to give birth to children inLater age (about 30-40). Nevertheless, older people can shave something like: "In my youth, unmarried women in such summers were considered old maidens," allegedly hinting to their granddaughter or any other young person that it's time to decide and get children. Yes, and in the depths of the soul, the woman understands this very well.

Not everyone succeeds in painlessly reacting to this from the side of society and others, so the situation is only aggravated. And to quit the crisis often requires the help of a psychologist.

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