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In what appears 30 years of crisis

In what appears 30 years of crisis

In the life of almost every human event of a crisis.

Do not they always associated with some tragic events and personal dramas.

Just it's time for soul-searching and a possible change of orientation.

One such crisis occurs about 30 years.

Know your Enemy face

Most often, in the thirtieth year of life (someonea bit earlier, some a bit later) there is a change of priorities in life. For example, men often go from the old place of work or no change activity.

Women who have already had time to start a family andchildren may decide to divorce or to bet on a career. A careerist, on the contrary, are beginning to pay more attention to the search for a permanent life partner, thinking about procreation.

In general, the majority under the age of 30 yearsIt seeks to strengthen its status as a successful adult, able to take responsibility for their deeds and actions. Of course, such a change of orientation often leads to stress, as to try myself in a new role is not so easy as it seems at first glance. But, on the other hand, the old already do not want to live.

That's because psychologists have named this period of life crisis.

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The severity of the crisis 30 years of experience is the mostdifferent. Some even become depressed because they do not know what to do to reorganize his life. Others are simply afraid of the unknown here - the constant feeling of anxiety, insomnia, and all the consequences thereof. And someone on the contrary, looking with confidence to the future and overcoming yourself, move on. How quickly people will come out of the crisis depends on the effectiveness of its actions and decisions taken.

Why women are in crisis 30 years sharper?

The fair sex in naturetheir creation is much more emotional man, and therefore the majority of troubles in life is to have a storm of emotions. In addition, the problem lies in the reproductive function of the body.

According to gynecologists, women should give birth to the first child up to 35 years. Getting pregnant for the first time after 35 and make a healthy fruit will be much harder.

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Although many prefer to have children currently inolder age (30-40). However, older people can joke something like: "In the days of my youth, unmarried women in these summer considered old maids", allegedly referring to his granddaughter or any other young person, that time would have to be defined and have children. And deep down, the woman herself is well aware.

Not everyone is able to safely respond to such by society and others, so the situation is only getting worse. And out of the crisis often need psychological help.

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