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What is the use of avocado


The native land of avocado is Central and South America. Gradually, this delicious fruit has won a huge number of fans around the world. To taste the flesh of the avocado resembles a slightly sweetish, oily nut.

What is the use of avocado
From avocados, you can cook a variety of delicious and healthy dishes. Basically it's sandwiches, snacks and Salads. In order for the avocado to retain its color, it is usually sprinkled with lemon or lime juice.

This exotic fruit is just a storehouse of usefulSubstances. Avocado contains a large number of trace elements and vitamins, which are necessary for a person to normal life. In the fruit there are vitamins of group B, PP, D, a large content of C and A, and in the content of the "vitamin of beauty" (E), which supplies cells with oxygen and slows down aging, the avocado is simply a champion. When eating avocados, the immune barrier rises, and protection against viruses improves.

Avocado fruits are very nutritious, they are goodThey satisfy hunger and at the same time they do not have harmful sugars and refractory fats. Also, the fruit contains oleic acid, which prevents the occurrence of cholesterol plaques and helps to cleanse blood from harmful cholesterol.

Modern medicine has proved that in the treatmentDiseases of the gastrointestinal tract of avocados brings tangible benefits as an anesthetic and healing agent. The flesh of this fruit is useful for people suffering from high blood pressure, with anemia and the initial stages of atherosclerosis.

The fruits of avocado are veryCosmetology industry. Fatty polyunsaturated acids, which are rich in avocado, improve the skin condition, soothe inflammation, smooth wrinkles and restore the upper layer of the epidermis.

If you need to diversify your diet, get all the necessary vitamins, avocado in this regard is the ideal product.

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