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HOW to make in-game minecraft gate?

How to play minecraft make the gate?

Gateway to the Minecraft world - one of the functional blocks. With their help, you can build a corral, or create a loophole to make a secret passage.

Like conventional doors, they can be activated stone red signal.

Why gates in Minecraft?

The gate (or gate) have been specifically designed forreceipt of regulated passages in the walls. They just above one unit, which makes the majority of animals and monsters of their jump. Typically, players use the gates for arranging pens with pets. In some cases, with their help decorate windows or slits create a relatively secure. When closed, the gate blocking the passage of any creatures except those who can jump high (this applies to horses and spiders). In the open - not to hinder the passage of any creature and player.

The fence, as well as gates, almost no one can jump. That is why they enclose pens with pets to protect them from the attacks of aggressive monsters.

Gates can not be broken by aggressivemonsters such as skeletons or zombies, but can be destroyed by detonation close creeper. At the same time the same zombies and skeletons are fairly easy to break the wooden doors at the highest difficulty level. Therefore, experienced players prefer to use the gate, bearing in mind that the resources they take even less than the usual door. Also observe gates allow space in front of them. The doors of such a possibility does not provide.

How to build a gate?

To create a goal you need sticks and blocksboards. These resources are easy to get, even at a very early stage of the game, because the trees grow practically everywhere. Find the nearest tree trunk, disassemble it into blocks of wood, holding the left mouse button. Note that the radius of your actions is only three blocks.

Open the window of the character, get a cell craft(Or an item). It is a space of two by two blocks, which different materials can be placed. Place one of the slots in the blocks of wood to obtain board. Then fill all four slots boards, it will give you a workbench.

The fence is often used to create decorative lamps and window decorations. In the latter case, it is an excellent substitute for the more expensive glass.

Place the bench on the ground, open it. Put two boards on top of each other to create a stick. Sticks - one of the basic materials. Almost all tools are created with their help. Now place the stick on the edges of the bottom two horizontal lines, and the central place of the cell board. So you'll get the gate. To make a fence, in which the gate and must be installed, fill the lower two-thirds of the field of craft sticks.

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