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How to play minecraft get iron

How to play minecraft get iron

Iron ore - one of the most common in Minecraft.

From this it can be obtained by melting iron, which is very important for the rapid development of the game character.

Where to get iron in Minecraft?

Iron ore is mainly found under the ground, that is below the height of the block 64. To extract it, you can pick any other than wood.
The easiest way to find a vein of iron ore in largecaves. One strand may be from four to ten blocks. Sometimes you can find a dual core. Often iron ore generated near the coal, so that the formation of mineral digging, look for another nearby. The study of caves - just a dangerous process. To guarantee a return back to the home, you need to carefully prepare.

Try not to go far from home during the study of the cave.

What you need for a safe expedition?

Firstly, with a need to take a few picks. Especially when the iron is at your disposal there. Stone picks wear out quickly. But it is better to take a bench and sticks, of which you can make as many picks as cobblestone (the second component to create stone tools) in caves abound.
Secondly, you need to take a torch. If you are just starting to play, make at least thirty or forty torches. Coal in the caves looking for a very simple, so the lack of coverage after the first found veins you will not. The main thing - bring plenty of sticks, they will be useful for the creation of new torches.
Third, arms Take care. The dark caves are found zombies, Creeper, spiders and skeletons. All of them are dangerous enough, but the least pleasant creeper that can almost silently sneak up and explode. Listen to the surrounding space, if you hear a soft hiss, run away in the opposite direction. Player without armor can kill a creeper.
Fourth, take enough food. Hunger can eventually kill you. Roasted meat or bread inventory should be in sufficient amounts.
Fifth, moving around the cave, make marks on the walls using torches or different from blocks of stone. This will help you return home after you dig up enough iron.
Sixth, any mining resources, do not dig the blockon which you stand. Beneath may be the lava, then you and all the treasures found will likely burn up. In this case, you will have to start from the beginning.
Dig up enough resources to return home. Create oven (place eight blocks of cobblestone ring on the bench), boot into the top slot of iron ore, and the bottom - coal.

To speed up the process of melting down, take a few stoves.

Wait for the iron ore in the remelting ingots.

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