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Kraft bread

Bread in Maynkraft allows you to restore power, but it needs to craft.

In this process go a lot of time, so you should immediately make more loaves to subsequently less likely to return to this occupation.

Bread in Maynkraft is a very popular formfood. It can be in the old chests, abandoned mines and treasuries. However, his search may take a long time, so it's best to do his craft. Of course, this is not a quick process, but then be able to make as much bread, that this resource will be enough for a long time.

What will it take to craft bread in Maynkraft?

To make bread Maynkraft should be borne inThe presence of certain resources. The first step would require to build a hoe and get the seeds. Then you need to select land for planting wheat. Make it not just as close to him must be the source. As soon will be able to find a suitable place can plow the field and sow the seeds.
The sowing must be done on a ploweddark brown earth blocks. In order to successfully shoot, they should be watered constantly water the seeds. To succeeded in growing wheat, it is necessary to build the fence, as the animals (sheep, pigs and cows) will trample on the pipe. As a result of trampled earth lose useful properties.

Collection of bread

To wheat increased need aboutday, then you can proceed to its collection. To do this, click on the ears of the right mouse button. From the mature ears will fall wheat, panic not necessary, as the seeds can be collected and re-used for seeding. You can make bread from wheat remaining. Each subsequent crop will give the player more seeds, from the time he will not need food, because it will be a lot. In order not to wait until the seeds germinate and the wheat matures, he can go into the mine to engage in their own affairs. Then you can come and harvest.

Kraft bread

Once the wheat is gathered, should beready to create bread. He Kraft on the bench. For bread wheat need to be positioned in all the cells of the central horizontally. The result is a 1 loaf of bread, which is a good refreshment. From this resource, you can make a cake, it will give more hearts, only for his craft will require more resources.
It is from time to time to deal with growingwheat, then starve to death will be simply impossible. Of course, this activity takes a lot of time and effort, but it is necessary. If you grow wheat under the ground, it will be possible with the equipment of the cave to find a variety of helpful resources that will be useful for crafting those or other items.

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