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In that play with the child in the car

In that play with the child in the car

Travel in the car do not love all the children, some of them can be difficult to sit without moving even a few minutes, not to mention the hours.

To trip was fun, and you can take the child and myself fun games that do not necessarily take a lot of toys on the road.



Finger theater. Finger puppets do not take up a lot of space and cause a lot of positive emotions in the child. Tiny like and finger games (such as "Forty-crow," "We shared an orange")


Give your child a toy wheel, and he would be happy for a long time to steer, helping himself with the image of a moving car audio.


Drawing on a tray. Keep in the trunk of a plastic tray, which can be attached sheet for drawing, so the baby will be able to draw in the car. The child can draw what he sees in the window of the car, then it is the place in which you are traveling. Ask him what he painted.


Bring a puzzle, lace, felt the book with pockets, a window in which you can attach to the lindens animals.


Sing songs together. Let your child guess the song at the first sounds of music are you humming.


Young children who can not read, can look at the posters of familiar objects and name them, the older children look for familiar words.


Telling the child about the inhabitants of the surrounding forests, when they are driving. Learn the parts of the face, fingers on hands.


With older children, you can play a game of "Who faster", for example, who will all see in advance the hidden animal, car, tree. You can change the game and find items on zagadannuyu letter.


Take an opaque bag and place in it a few items. Let the child feels them and trying to guess what is inside.


"Catch a finger." Let the child open hand trying to catch your finger, which you then raise, then dip.


Encourage your child to play in words beginning withone letter. You can learn traffic signs, invent riddles, for example: the word begins with the letter "C" and ends with the letter "T" form of transport (answer: the plane).


Distract the child are snacks, pre-cut into small pieces that are easy to hold in your hand. This may be the fruit, drying, bread.

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