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In what to play with the child in the car


What to play with the child in the car</a>

Traveling in the car like not all children, some of them can hardly sit without moving even a few minutes, not to mention the clock.

To make the trip fascinating, you can take both the child and yourself fun games for which you do not need to take a lot of toys with you on the road.



Finger theater. Finger dolls do not take up much space and cause a lot of positive emotions in the child. The kid will like finger games (for example, "The Magpie," "We shared an orange"),


Give the baby a toy steering wheel, and he will be happy to steer for a long time, helping himself with this image of the sound of a moving car.


Drawing on the tray. Keep a plastic tray in the trunk, on which you can attach a drawing sheet, so the kid can draw in the car. A child can paint what he sees in the car window, the way he represents the place you are going to. Ask him about what he has done.


Take with you puzzles, laces, felt books with pockets, windows, in which you can attach animals to lindens.


Sing songs together. Let the child guess the song according to the first sounds of the melody that you sing.


Young children who can not read can look for familiar objects on the advertising posters and call them, older children look for familiar words.


Tell the child about the inhabitants of the surrounding forests when they are passing through. Study the parts of your face, fingers on your hands.


With older children, you can play "Who is faster", for example, who will see the animal, car and tree beforehand. You can change the game and find items on the desired letter.


Take an opaque bag and put some objects in it. Let the child feel them and try to guess what is inside.


"Catch a finger." Let the child open palm tries to catch your finger, which you then raise, then lower it.


Offer the child a game of words starting withOne letter. You can study road signs, invent riddles, for example: the word begins with the letter "c" and ends with the letter "t", the mode of transport (answer: aircraft).


Distract the child can light snacks, pre-cut into pieces that are comfortable to hold in your hand. It can be fruit, drying, bread.

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