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What is the purpose of social advertising


Social advertising is not commercialThere is, does not advertise the product, urging to buy it, and is not directed to profit. Its goals are different, and, based on these goals, it is possible to divide social advertising into several types.

The purpose of social advertising is to remind a person. That the fate of the world is in his hands



In general, any of the types of social advertisingIs aimed at drawing attention to the problems of society - this is what unites this type of communication. It can be said that it promotes social attitudes that are correct for conscious citizens. She puts emphasis on dysfunctional moments, encouraging people to think and change something in the current situation.


Types of social advertising depend on the topic thatShe picks it up. The most urgent and frequent of them is the fight against drugs and alcoholism. In allegorical or literal sense, the treatment describes the terrible consequences of alcoholism and drug addiction, which should force people to abandon these destructive habits.


Environmental protection is also one of the"Sore" topics, it affects even children in their school work. As a rule, social advertising on this topic is the most informative: it tells about how small things people usually do not notice can improve or worsen the ecological situation in the country and the world. It partially reveals new directions in ecology: separate collection of garbage, utilization of used batteries, etc.


Another type of informative social advertising -Propaganda of observance of rules of traffic. Most often in this case, the target audience are children: fabulous and cartoon characters tell them how to behave on the road, and what happens if these rules are not respected. However, the sad statistics of traffic accidents make the social advertising of traffic regulations for adults relevant: it focuses on the most frequent and dangerous mistakes drivers - behavior in the railway tracks, driving in a state of intoxication, neglecting children's chairs, etc.


Promotion of a healthy lifestyle isAttracting people's attention to sports. As a rule, beautiful, sporty and well-built people are used to persuade as models. The desire to become as strong and harmonious as possible should convince citizens to do their health and sport.


Pupils of the orphanage, elderly people - no less thanFrequent objects of social advertising. Successful citizens are encouraged not to forget their old parents, explain that a child from an orphanage can become a native and make you happy. That is, citizens are encouraged to pay attention to those representatives of the society who need support: to come to children's homes and old people's homes "to visit" to talk with those who suffer from loneliness.


Also relevant is advertising, which calls for the abolition of abortions: as a rule, it "advertises" the happiness that a born baby will bring.


Animals also become objects of socialAdvertising: touching pictures with domestic pets call for careful treatment of our younger brothers, do not throw them, give shelter and help homeless animals.

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