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What is the peculiarity of the granite floor?


A special style in the room will help createGranite flooring. This natural stone is as practical and elegant as possible. Laying the granite floor in the office premises begins with the choice of the facial texture surface. It can be a fully polished coating.

What is the peculiarity of the granite floor?

Such a granite floor will attract attentionVisitors with their mirror shine, with reflective objects. The polishing of the granite coating will maximize the pattern and color of the stone on the floor surface. But such a floor is best not to be laid in rooms with high humidity, as its surface can become slippery, and this is unsafe.

Processing granite, you can create a smoothMatte surface. This option very clearly draws a picture of the stone, which also perfectly beautifies the office interior. Grinding granite is mandatory. The procedure is carried out once every six months or a year. It will give the floor freshness and beauty, and also make the surface less slippery.

Such a grinding procedure is much more commonIn demand in successful offices. The granite floor can also be treated with a thermal method, but in this case the surface will not look very good. On it, quite noticeable traces of ecdysis will begin to be prominent.

Lay the floor of granite using a dilutedA solution that is applied to a previously prepared and cleaned surface. With this option, floor slabs can already be pre-polished. With another method of laying, a solution is prepared without the use of sand.

Granite slabs are laid on it, which are notWere polished. Such a granite floor will undergo a grinding procedure at the end of all laying operations. Correctly laid granite floor in the office will serve more than one decade. To date, there are many prestigious repair companies that can qualitatively perform the laying of granite floors in your office.

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