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What is the advantage of laser hair removal?


Laser hair removal has a number of significant contraindications. So, it is not recommended for minors, people with skin diseases or those whose skin integrity is impaired.
Laser hair removal - a cosmetic procedure,Relatively recently entered into the lives of many women. The procedure has its indisputable advantages and disadvantages, which must be taken into account before deciding on it.

Method of hair removal

Laser hair removal must be performedProfessional cosmetologists. First, to achieve better results. Secondly, in view of its complexity. The procedure is performed by a special laser epilator, from which a laser beam emerges. It is he who removes hair in undesirable places. This procedure is absolutely safe for the skin: no burns, no redness, no irritation.

The peculiarity is that it is impossible to applyA laser in the same place more often than once a month. In addition, the method is contraindicated for people with skin diseases (psoriasis, eczema and others). In the damaged areas of the skin, the procedure is also not carried out until the skin is completely restored.


The biggest advantage of laser hair removalIs its safety when properly conducted. Hairs under the influence of the laser become thinner, and the hair bulb is destroyed. This is the reason for getting rid of the hair.

It is recommended two days before the procedure to remove hair in any other way. For example, a machine tool. The day before laser hair removal, you should not use creams and lotions, sprays or oils.

Another indisputable advantage is the rapid andLong-term hair removal. It is noted that the result is kept up to several months. Growing up, the hairs become lighter and softer. Laser hair removal significantly slows down hair growth, while the skin remains clean and healthy.

This type of hair removal is recommended forLarge areas of skin. For example, on the legs or in the bikini zone. At one time virtually all hair is removed, with a few exceptions (depends on the quality of the master's work). The procedure does not take much time. On the average - 15-20 minutes.

Laser hair removal, in contrast to, for example,Photoepilation, suitable for any type of skin and hair. Regardless of how dark the skin is, the procedure remains safe and effective. Thick and black hair is removed especially effectively, since the laser acts on the saturated dark pigment, quickly destroying it.

It is noted that albino people, unfortunately, the procedure is contraindicated and useless. The absence of melanin (a pigment that absorbs light) makes laser hair removal ineffective.

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