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What is the phenomenon of social networks?


The popularity of social networks is enormous: In recent years, almost every Internet user has his own page at least on one of the sites. Despite the fact that there are few social networks on the Internet, they are so in demand that they do not need additional promotion.

The phenomenon of communication

Social networks are one of the mostThe most popular ways of communication. They allow you to correspond and communicate with people at any distance and at any time of the day, because someone from another time zone will necessarily respond. For communication, you must have a computer and connect to the Internet. Social networks today allow you to share photos with your friends, show your videos, share news, evaluate friends. They are very simple and convenient, that's why they are so popular.

The urgency of the phenomenon and the forecast for the future

High employment of the population - work, part-time,Study, household chores, traffic jams - take away almost all the time from a person. At the meeting with friends and acquaintances, there is no time left at all. Social networks are coming to the rescue. They allow you to maintain relationships with those who are far away, with your old friends, and make new friends. Someone is more interested in new acquaintances, and it is not necessary to use one's personality: it is quite realistic to replace it with another, different from the present one. And if a person is difficult to communicate in the real world, then in social networks it is quite simple and easy, because you can avoid embarrassment, misunderstanding and ridicule. This form of communication in most cases is preferred by young people.

The older generation has slightly different priorities: In social networks, there are many chances to find someone with whom long ago spilled life, meet school friends or fellow students. Many use social networks to contact their children living in other cities or countries. Along with communication in social networks, interest groups are created where you can express your opinion, ask for advice or find out the position on the issue of interest, share the information you like, share your success. Distribution of advertising in social networks - from simple offers to building a business.

Social networks save time, enableCommunicate with people of interest and receive useful information. And on this development they are not finished, they will improve further. But do not forget - nothing can replace ordinary human communication.

The phenomenon of "loneliness in the crowd"

Communication in social networks leads to the fact that some individuals are directly dependent on the Internet. Psychologists the consequences of this communication is called the phenomenon of "loneliness in the crowd."

Criteria of the phenomenon of loneliness:
- Dependence on the computer or laptop and other modern devices.
- Dependence on communication in networks or games, which replaces real communication with people.
- Visiting various sites, portals without a specific purpose.
- Dedication of all free time to social networks, to the detriment of business and live communication.

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