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In some institutions, without taking exams and exam

In some institutions, without taking exams and exam

If there is no desire in graduate school atgoing to college to take the exam and other exams, for him there is another option to pursue higher education with the provision of state-recognized diploma.

In these schools a large selection of specialties and a comfortable way of working with teachers.

Those school leavers who are not afraid to gonon-traditional way, will be able to pursue higher education without having to pass exams to college and exam. At the present time to find a higher education institution for admission to that would not have to pass the exam tests. For those who are not confident in their abilities to withstand tremendous competition on budgetary places and is not able to learn on a fee basis, there is an alternative way to get the cherished diploma of higher education: distance learning.

To go to college without taking the exam and exam

For distance learning will be enoughcomputer, internet and willingness to develop their own teaching material. The teaching staff of such institutes and universities take into account all the peculiarities of everyday life of the student engaged in remotely, and produced high-quality training material, which is sent to the student in the form of lectures. They may be issued in an audio or video format and a conventional design: a printed text.
The main difficulty for the student with a formemployment is self-organization. The speed of the learning process depends on the student's ability to master the material and desire to organize their work. Reception of documents in remote universities occurs year-round, made test papers are sent by mail or over the Internet. It is possible to be consulted teachers online. If a student is not possible to receive training materials on an electronic network, it will be sent by mail CD-disks with recordings of lectures and seminars.

Leading distance learning centers

Almost every time there is a certain institutionDepartment practitioner correspondence work with students in which to pass the sessions do not require their personal presence. There are also independent units of higher education institutions.
-, At the Novosibirsk StatePedagogical University has a Center for Open and Distance Education for everyone, where you can get a diploma in the specialties: psychology, law, social pedagogy and others.
-, Invites students to learn remotely IBPU - Institute of Business, Management and Psychology. There is a wide variety of specialties, and only payment, and access to the Internet will need to start learning.
-; Remote Institute at TomskState University provides an opportunity to get higher education remotely on specialties: radio engineering, state. management, economics, finance, management, and others.
Thus, for the graduate school, who do notHe wants to take admission in the university exams and the exam, there is a decent way - remote receipt of all necessary to build their career knowledge and certification documents.

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