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In some European countries, warm in winter

In some European countries, warm in winter

To escape from the Russian frost and chilly wind, not necessarily in the winter to go to Asia, Mexico or South America.

And a few countries can be found in Europe, where at this time of year quite warm and comfortable.


Portugal is famous for its unusual architecture andpicturesque nature, in which like elements are intertwined in Europe and South America. And in this country, all year round keeps a nice warm weather. For bathing there in the winter, of course, cool enough, but at this time the climate is ideal for long walks outdoors.
Especially worth a visit at this time of the islandMadeira, which is known for its unique vegetation, listed as a UNESCO heritage site. There is never colder than 18 ° C and + 28 ° C hotter +. There's a beach holiday as such, but even in January Madeira can plunge into the natural pools formed by lava. The water in them, of course, from the Atlantic Ocean, but warm and quiet. On this island it is best to rent a car and drive around on it all the neighborhoods.


The southern part of Spain in the winter also pleased enoughwarm climate. The average temperature there keeps at around 20 ° C above zero. For the rest this time of year is ideal Balearic Islands and Andalusia, where you can enjoy the warm weather on the beautiful sandy beaches of the Costa de la Luz or just while walking through the picturesque local towns. In the capital of Andalusia, Seville, daytime temperatures in winter range from 15 to 18 ° C heat.
Despite the fact that swim in that time therecold in the south of Spain in the winter can be fun to spend time walking around the botanical gardens and parks, visiting various museums and exhibitions. Especially attractive in the winter of Malaga, where a museum of Pablo Picasso worth it to come to this city. But there is another palace of the Moorish kings and many other attractions.


Warm in the winter, and in southern Italy, especially in Naples andon the island of Sicily. Average daytime temperatures there range from +13 to + 16oS. This pretty much falls clear and sunny days, during which especially pleased to take long walks, take a break for a coffee in the outdoor cafes and enjoy the local beauty.
The warmest month in Italy, of course, February- At this time there is also usually held the carnival and festivals. On the coast of Sicily, for example, in the afternoon the air temperature at this time can warm up to 20 ° C above zero, so that even in winter there can be reduced a great tan. This winter holiday in Italy is much more economical and pleasant, because the number of tourists there is reduced by several times. This will allow enough to enjoy nature and local attractions without too much hustle and bustle.

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