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In which cases does the child have to be fed


Sometimes a child becomes uneasy, constantlyCrying, seldom urinates, suffers from constipation or his feces become green, mucous. Having noticed such signs, immediately consult a doctor. Usually the cause should be looked for in a lack of milk. In this case, the child should be fed.

Mixed and artificial feeding of a child

It is best to feed yogurt. If you start this from the first month, kefir should be diluted in proportion: 1 part kefir per 1 part rice, oatmeal or flour decoction. In addition, for 100 grams of diluted kefir, add 1 spoonful of sugar or 1 spoonful of sugar syrup (the syrup recipe is given at the end of the article). After a month and a half, this mixture can be prepared more dense, adding only one part of the decoction to two parts of kefir.

Kefir give the baby after breast. Start with a few spoons and gradually increase the portion until you reach the amount that will replace the grammage of the missing mother's milk. Start feeding with a spoon.

The baby should suck the milk in the breast beforeEnd. If it somehow still remains, express it and give it with a spoon and only then start feeding with kefir. If you work, leave the baby with expressed milk. Keep it in a clean and cool place. Before you give it to your child, warm it up.

Decoction, which you dilute kefir, alsoStore in a clean and cool place. The broth can be prepared in the morning for the whole day, but kefir is diluted immediately before feeding. When the child is 4 months old, you can give him kefir, undiluted, with 5 or 8% sugar.

With mixed feeding, you can continue to feedChild in three hours. However, by increasing the amount of cow's milk in the diet or excommunicating the baby, extend the time between feeding to 3.5 hours, because cow's milk is digested more slowly. You can feed your child at 6, 9.30, 13, 16.30, 20 and 23.30 hours.

When the child is 5 months old, reduceThe number of feedings to 5 in 4 hours - at 6, 10, 14, 18 and 22 hours. A child who is 4 months old can be given 5% porridge of toasted flour, vegetable puree and jelly, as is done with natural feeding. After the 10th month you can go to a four-hour feeding, after an interval of 4 hours, and the child should receive 250 grams of food at a time.

The order of introduction of new products is the same asWith natural feeding, with the difference that they can be administered a month earlier. So, the yolk can be given to a child even before it turns 5 months old, and the soaked biscuit - after the sixth month. At the same time, for lunch, you can calmly give him 30-50 grams of broth and 150 grams of vegetable puree. The transition to the general table begins after the 10th month.

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