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In what cases is the boron


The bovine uterus is widely used in medicine forTreatment of problems of the female reproductive system. Apply the plant only after consultation with a gynecologist, as it has a number of contraindications.

In what cases is the boron
The use of the hog queen makes it possible to get rid ofFemale infertility, uterine fibroids, ovarian cystosis, menstrual cycle disorders, cervical erosion, toxicosis during pregnancy, breast cancer oncology. However, herbal preparations with a hogweed are prescribed for men in the presence of inflammation of the prostate gland, cystitis, pyelonephritis and inadequate activity of spermatozoa.

Useful qualities of the hog queen and contraindications to use.

In the composition of the hog uterus,Phytoprogestron and phytoestrogen. The lack of phytoprogestron in the female body leads to painful menstruation, increased irritability, as well as to the threat of miscarriage during pregnancy and infertility. Phytoestrogen softens the symptomatology of menopause, strengthens the cardiovascular system, lowers arterial pressure, normalizes the functionality of the nervous system.

Arutin, a natural antioxidant, possessesDiuretic and bactericidal quality. The coumarins contained in the borage uterus are anticoagulants and are useful as a diuretic, astringent and antiseptic. In the plant there is a group of vitamins, among them vitamin C, which has a beneficial effect on the endocrine, blood and nervous system.

The presence of resinous substances allowsUse the boron for disinfection of wounds and enhance immunity. Saponins are used as a sedative, expectorant and tonic. In addition, the boric uterus contains organic acids that regulate metabolic processes, the acidity of the gastric juice. Also in the composition of the hog uterus are copper, zinc, titanium, manganese, tannins.

Contraindication to the use of borage uterusObstructive tubal obstruction, gastritis, pregnancy and breastfeeding, individual intolerance, bleeding, low blood coagulability. Herbal preparations with a borage uterus are not recommended for children under 14 years of age.

How to use the boron

From the bovine uterus are prepared infusions and teas, tinctures,Broths. So, for the preparation of the infusion for the treatment of the inflammatory process, 3 tablespoons of ground dry herb are brewed with 3 cups of boiling water. The agent is insisted for 2 hours. The filtered infusion is stored in an unlit cool place for no longer than 3 days. Take the drug should be 2 teaspoons 4 times a day before eating. The recommended course of treatment is 2 weeks.

100 grams of herbs pour a liter of medicalAlcohol. The agent is insisted for a month, periodically shaking. Take 3 drops a day for 40 drops of tincture. The drug is excellent for infertility.

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