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In which lottery win the most often


If we talk about the lottery, then the world of people canDivided into two categories - those who believe in the opportunity to win, and those who doubt the adequacy of the former. But statistics show that the most stubborn players sooner or later win, albeit not always as large amounts as they would like.

The lucky winner of the lottery
To calculate the chance of victory and to understand whichThe lottery is won most often, it is important to understand what it is. A lottery is a kind of game where the chance of success depends on the random coincidence of the fallen numbers. This segment of the market is so diverse that it is very difficult to choose this or that way of playing. According to the data of accounting and law enforcement agencies, more than 60% of the total number are fraudulent projects, the purpose of which is simply to raise money from the sale of gambling tickets. Such one-day lotteries can be found on the Internet, in the markets or just outside the metro station. Gambling people can not pass by the distributors of tickets and buy them up in batches, not paying attention to their reputation, venue and other important aspects. As a result, eventually, nothing and never win.

How to choose a lottery type

Every lottery lover has repeatedly seenMessages in the media about lucky winners who received a big win on the cherished ticket. Those who do not just envy, but closely monitor the trend of victories, have already managed to understand that the most likely chance is "to break the bank" in state lotteries. Such organizations are licensed, their activities are monitored by government agencies, and the risk of being deceived is reduced to zero. When buying a ticket, you can not rely on its original design or low cost. Bright design, as a rule, try to draw attention to the newly opened games, the size of the storage base of which is very small. The low price of a lottery ticket reduces the chance of winning, as the organizers are forced to sell a large number of coupons in order to pay back the costs of the game and ensure the winning of a certain number of positions. Of great importance is the reputation of the organizer, feedback from participants in the games and the number of participants who received large sums.

How to calculate a winning combination

In television broadcasts, such as "Russian Lotto" or "GoldenKey ", to calculate the probability of obtaining a large prize is impossible, as in instant lotteries. In games of this type you can rely only on luck and the natural gift of determining a lucky ticket. Draw lottery where it is necessary to select and cross out a certain number of digits on the playing field, such as the well-known Soviet "Sportloto", allow direct participation in the process, but the chances are not greater than in the tele-game. Players with years of experience and a mathematical mindset claim that it is possible to predict and calculate winning combinations of numbers, but none of them has brought practical proof of their theory.

Statistics of various world communitiesLovers of such entertainment say that most often win tickets instant lottery, but the winnings are negligible and only pay for the money spent on their purchase. Serious victories are possible only in large games, but with the acquisition of a large number of tickets.

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